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The Costco Bakery Just Brought Back This Beloved Summer Pastry

Like other items, this one has seen a price increase.

Summer technically only started on June 21, but Costco moves quickly and is already getting fall and Halloween items in warehouses. But for those who aren't up for a PSL just yet, no worries—just head to the bakery section where a fan-favorite pastry is back just in time for late summer feasts—but be warned, Costco has increased its price.

 This Beloved Snack Is Back at Costco and After Trying It I Have Some Thoughts

The Raspberry Crumble Cookies, like other bakery items, come and go throughout the year. But some members have spotted the packs of 12 for sale once again. Instagram account @costcobuys, which has over 600,000 followers, says they love this one.

It's been a while since we saw this one in the Costco bakery, with its butter cookies filled with raspberry filling and topped with powdered sugar. The box fits 12 and in the spring of 2021 was $8.99, but head to the warehouse right now and you'll pay $3 more.

"They were expensive when they were $8.99," one Costco member commented on the post. "Now it's $11.99!! That's insane!!"

Even with the higher price, this bakery item is one that is known for how long it can keep when frozen. Putting it in the oven to warm it up is widely suggested, and even with the price increase they still are around $1 a piece.

This isn't the only grocery item rising in price lately. Everything from meat to dairy to dry pasta is more expensive, as inflation keeps rising month by month. Don't be surprised to head to the grocery store soon and see price tags up even more, companies like PepsiCo are saying they are being forced to raise prices and put fewer products into packages to cover the cost of manufacturing.

But even closer to home, this isn't the only Costco item to go up in price in the last few weeks. Two food court menu items, the Chicken Bake and soda, surprised members the day after the Fourth of July when their costs went up. A few days later it was revealed that Forever Stamps are getting more expensive online and in the warehouse, too, soon.

Amanda McDonald
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