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This Unique Costco Perk Is Only Available in a Few States

Some shoppers were shocked to learn about this additional auto-related service.

A trip to Costco can check a lot of items off the to-do list. Not only can shoppers stock up on discounted bulk groceries, they can also refuel at the gas pump, find travel deals, print out photos, schedule an eye exam, pick up a prescription, purchase insurance, and so much more.

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Now, people are additionally discovering another lesser-known perk the wholesale retailer has to offer. One user on Reddit was shocked to find out about the service and exclaimed in a post on June 20, "Costco has carwashes?!", along with a picture for proof.

Yes, Costco does in fact have a car wash service. But, there are currently just 12 in existence across a handful of states–these include six in California, two in both Arizona and Tennessee, and one in both Boise, Idaho and Seattle, Washington. With such a limited presence nationwide, the service has been a well-kept Costco secret.

Costco car washes are open every day of the week at these select locations and offer just one package option at a price tag of $7.99. This includes an exterior wash and wax, tire shine and wheel cleaner, undercarriage wash and rust inhibitor, and a spot-free rinse. Plus, the car wash uses Envirosoft foam brushes–the whipping vortex of cloth strips that help to remove any stuck-on grime–and ceramic protective coating is another newly added feature.

No interior cleaning or detailing services are available, however, and other users on the Reddit thread voiced complaints about the lack of self-service vacuums accompanying the car washes.

Even so, the car wash has convenience on its side, located adjacent to the Costco warehouses. The price seems to be on par with the warehouse chain, with one Reddit user commenting that the wash was a 'pretty good deal'.

"It's equivalent to the premium auto wash ($10-$15) at a basic car wash price ($7.99)," shared the user.

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Megan Hageman
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