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Dine Out in March and You Can Get Your Meal Comped—Here's How

American Express has launched a campaign to help independent restaurants.

It's no secret that the restaurant industry has taken a major hit since the initial outbreak of COVID-19. From labor challenges and ingredient shortages to commodity price hikes and growing operational costs, countless restaurants have struggled to stay afloat. So, American Express is lending a hand—and rewarding customers along the way. To join in, all you need to do is make a reservation to dine out in March!

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As part of the company's new Every Resy Counts campaign, American Express and online reservation platform Resy have launched a reservation drive with the goal of bringing customers into independent restaurants during the month of March.

Once a million reservations are made on Resy, $500,000 will be donated to Southern Smoke, a nonprofit foundation that provides support and assistance to those in the food and beverage industry. Additionally, for every subsequent million reservations, American Express will surprise hundreds of diners across the country by covering up to $99 of their check at select restaurants.

The new dining initiative is part of American Express' broader Let's Grab a Table campaign, which is designed to highlight and assist independent restaurants in the United States. It's also the credit card company's second campaign geared toward helping restaurants recover from the financial implications of the pandemic.

"As we approach the two-year mark of the pandemic, restaurateurs continue to need community support to help make up for lost revenues," Elizabeth Rutledge, chief marketing officer at American Express, said in a press release. "By rallying together, we hope to inspire consumers to grab a table at independent restaurants throughout March, and beyond, to help them continue to get back on their feet."

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