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Doritos Just Brought Back This Iconic Chip Flavor Again

But it will not be around long.

While there is no shortage of variety when it comes to Doritos flavors, fans of a particular limited-time release have been calling for its return. And not just any nacho cheese dusted chip will do.

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Good news—Frito Lay has listened and finally brought back the Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch tortilla chips. The variety has become a cult favorite as it picked up a massive following between appearances as devotees called for the chip's induction to the permanent lineup.

The support behind the snack's return became so active that even a Facebook group was started to monitor when and where the product would become available on grocery store shelves. Since its recent release, fans of flavor can look on the website for where they can buy the edition in-store near them. 

The Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch originally debuted in 2006 and made a comeback in 2011. It has made regular appearances throughout the years since. This most recent release is thanks to Doritos' Solid Black initiative, a collaboration with Black artists and changemakers that give back to their communities. As part of the promotion, the brand has redesigned the Doritos Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch bag with limited-edition artwork by Mz. Icar, an anonymous art collective of primarily Black women.

The flavor was specially selected to be brought back by last year's Changemaker for the Solid Black initiative, Chef Eric Williams of the Nacho Bangers restaurant in Baltimore. There are currently 2,000 of these limited edition bags available on Doritos' website and Williams will also be creating a new menu item at Nacho Bangers with the product.

For this year's Solid Black initiative, Doritos partnered with actress and comedian Ego Nwodim to shine a light on its Black Changemakers and the $5 million the company is using to help uplift communities.

Doritos is well known for teasing fans with flavor comebacks and discontinuing favorites. In 2020, Frito-Lay announced it would be resuming the production of 3D Doritos once again, a beloved '90s snack that hasn't seen shelves in 20 years. Another discontinued item, the Doritos JACKED Ranch Dipped Hot Wings Chips, has seen over 60,000 signatures on to bring it back.

Amber Lake
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