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This National Grocery Chain Is Doubling Down on Sales Amid Higher Prices

‘Always Affordable’ pricing is one of the company’s founding principles and it’s sticking to it.

A long list of factors including supply chain issues, labor shortages, and events like the war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic have recently created a perfect storm of rising prices, hitting the grocery industry hard. And, according to the latest numbers released by the USDA, the cost of food continues to move in the wrong direction.

Many grocery store chains have made the decision to offset their own increased operating costs with higher price tags for consumers, while some are also making efforts to cut consumers a break where possible. Winn Dixie has consistently promoted big savings this year, and Walmart recently increased its volume of rollbacks.

Another grocery retailer joins this list and is still doing everything it can to continue offering high-quality, natural products at the lowest possible costs.

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Natural Grocers, a national health food chain, prides itself on this commitment to 'Always Affordable' prices–one of the company's founding principles since 1955–and is now emphasizing the various ways customers can save at every location, as outlined in a press release.

In addition to a consistently long list of sale items, Natural Grocers also carries its own in-house​​ brand of about 1,000 products which gives families an additional low-cost option. Members of the store's free customer loyalty program, {N}power, can also enjoy exclusive discounts and member-only perks. These include a once-monthly good4U Meal Deal which gives members everything they need to create a healthy meal for a family of four or more for an average cost of just $14.

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The chain's current Executive Vice President Heather Isely–daughter of Natural Grocers' founders–explains the company is able to continue providing low prices and superior quality organic products largely because of positive relationships built over 67 years in the business.

"We work hard to generate long term relationships with vendors and farmers to secure the best possible pricing on wholesome natural foods and supplements," stated Isely in the company's press release. "These types of partnerships have historically helped us to maintain premium quality and offer accessibly priced nutritious foods and vitamins, even when families have been impacted by inflation."

All products sold by Natural Grocers must also adhere to rigorous guidelines–only 100% pasture-based dairy products, USDA-certified organic produce, and foods without artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils may line the shelves.

By sticking to these promises, the chain has been able to expand, now operating 162 stores in 20 states. Two more stores are even set to open this summer in South Dakota and Idaho, as many other grocery chains are closing locations across the country.

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