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These 3 Habits Can Drastically Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer, New Study Says

Your risk could decrease by a whopping 61% if you add these habits to your daily routine.

The National Cancer Institute reports that a startling 1,806,590 new diagnosed cancer cases were estimated across the country in 2020. In addition, the institute predicted the disease would kill 606,520 people. If that's not horrible enough, by 2040, it's predicted that 29.5 million new cancer cases each year will be diagnosed. In just 18 years, total mortalities related to cancer are estimated to be 16.4 million. This is beyond frightening, but a recent study reveals something to pay close attention to. Researchers found that combining three regular habits can drastically reduce your risk of cancer by as much as 61%. Ready to add a few healthy steps to your daily routine? Read on to find out what you need to do.

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A new report in the Frontiers of Aging journal reveals a combination of three things—exercise, omega-3 supplements, and vitamin D—could lower your probability of developing aggressive cancers by as much as 61%. The trial observed 2,157 participants, 70 years of age and up, for three years in Portugal, Austria, Germany, France, and Switzerland. The mission was to observe the impact of daily doses of omega-3s, vitamin D3, and easy home strength training exercises on each individual. The treatments were performed in different groups to establish which method (or combination of methods) could lower the possibility of invasive cancer. (To clarify, invasive cancer is when the disease spreads past the area of tissue where it started, moving into the healthy tissues around it.)

According to Dr. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari, University Hospital Zurich, the combination of omega-3s, vitamin D3, and exercise helped the participants from developing invasive cancer. The study reveals when all three habits are regularly maintained, the risk of cancer may be lowered by an impressive 61%. Bischoff-Ferrari notes, "Our results, although based on multiple comparisons and requiring replication, may prove to be beneficial for reducing the burden of cancer."

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This is the very first time investigating a combination of three preventative measures to lower the possibility of developing aggressive cancers. Bischoff-Ferrari explains that the researchers went outside of the box in this study, not focusing on known contributors such as sun radiation and smoking.

To be completely honest, we're going on a healthy jog at a vigorous pace to the nearest vitamin retailer to pick up a hefty supply of omega-3s and vitamin D3. Want to join?

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