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This Beloved Sparkling Water Brand Just Released Four Game-Changing New Drinks

The award-winning hard seltzer is back just in time for summer.

Summer of 2021's most popular beverage was hard seltzer, and 2022 is shaping up to be no different. In honor of the season, one of the most beloved sparkling water brands is coming out with new flavors of its own version—including one exclusive flavor not found in any other pack at the grocery or liquor store.

Spiked by Spindrift launched last year and by Labor Day had cemented itself as a hard seltzer go-to thanks to flavors like Lime, Pineapple, Mango, and Half & Half that feature real fruit juice. This year the lineup is doubling after fans spoke up about Spindrift sips they wanted to see get the "Spiked" treatment. Right now Grapefruit, Lemon, and Blood Orange Tangerine are being introduced, the company just announced, as well as an exclusive flavor — Passion Orange Guava.

All four of the new flavors will debut in a Paradise Pack in grocery stores this Spring in 18 states, with six others to be added later this year.

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"We're so excited to add four new Spiked flavors to our lineup. Since launching Spiked last year, our community has asked us to spike Lemon and Grapefruit – and Blood Orange Tangerine has already become a fast favorite on the sparkling side," Bill Creelman, the founder and CEO of Spindrift says about the drop. "But I'm most excited to share our first Spiked-only flavor: Passion Orange Guava – it's a flavor we've never done but one we've wanted to make for years."

Spindrift Spiked
Courtesy of Spindrift

In addition to the inclusion of a unique flavor, Creelman says what makes Spindrift SPiked stand out from other hard seltzers on the market are the ingredients—or a lack thereof.

"To us, nothing tastes better than real fruit, so we saw an opportunity to bring our tried-and-true sparkling recipes to the alcohol category," he says. "It's a crowded space but we've seen success introducing a real and delicious product to a sea of sameness."

At Eat This, Not That! we're a fan of the OG Spindrift and its low carb and sugar content, so to see that the Spiked hard seltzer versions aren't too different besides the alcohol is a sign that Summer sipping is not going to mean sugar crashes or dehydration.

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