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Heidi Klum Just Revealed Her Exact Weekend Meals to Stay Fit

The supermodel isn't depriving herself of her favorite foods.

Being a supermodel doesn't have to mean depriving yourself constantly—just ask Heidi Klum! The America's Got Talent judge recently revealed the exact foods she eats on weekends, and her meal plan is surprisingly relaxed. Read on to discover the exact foods Klum eats to stay in supermodel shape. And for more on how your favorite models stay fit, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Olivia Culpo Shares Her Exact Diet and Workout.

The supermodel eats small portions of her favorite foods.

plate of meat and cheese from heidi klum's instagram stories

Klum has said in the past that she isn't a devotee of any particular way of eating.

"I don't really have a specific diet, I just eat very healthfully," she told ET in 2018. On April 18, she revealed some of her favorite snacks. In a post to her Instagram Stories, Klum proudly showed off a plate of cheese, cured meats, sliced pickles, tomatoes with salt and black pepper, and crostini. However, you won't see Klum eating enormous amounts of any of the above—the small plate holds just a petite portion of each snack.

She's admitted before that she's all about balance when it comes to her eating habits. "It's not like I don't [indulge], just not all the time," she admitted to Women's Health in 2017.

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She starts her day with smoothies.

heidi klum in white t-shirt reading "90s supermodel"
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Klum almost always kicks off her day the same way: "I start with great smoothies in the morning," she told ET.

So, what's in her go-to morning drink? In a 2017 interview with Women's Health, Klum's nutritionist, Oz Garcia, explained that the supermodel favors a combination of chia, maca, or açai powder, whey protein, and blueberries.

She says no to takeout.

heidi klum in black dress on red carpet
Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

While you might expect a busy mom of four to have all her meals delivered, Klum says that largely forgoing takeout has been instrumental in keeping her healthy and fit.

"[I] have four children, so we cook a lot. I don't really eat out a lot," she admitted to ET. "I think when you eat out a lot or order food in a lot, it kind of gets a little tricky, because you don't know what people are putting in there."

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She stops eating early in the evening.

heidi klum on red carpet for america's got talent
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You won't catch Klum having dinner at 10 p.m. these days. Instead, the supermodel credits intermittent fasting with helping her stay healthy and lean.

"My last [meal] is at 6 p.m.," Klum told ET. "I eat with my kids, so I think that also helps a little bit. I think that when you eat a little on the earlier side, it has time to digest and I think it is a little bit better for your body."

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