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America's #1 Ketchup Brand Is About To Launch A Paper Bottle

This brand will test the potential of special paper packaging.

The nation has long been divided as to which is the best condiment: ketchup or mustard. But the country's number one ketchup brand is about to launch something that may sway mustard lovers to the other side: an eco-friendly paper bottle.

Heinz ketchup is teaming up with sustainable packaging maker Pulpex to develop a paper-based, renewable and recyclable bottle made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp. Heinz is the first brand to test the potential of this special paper packaging for its range of condiments.

This collaboration is the brand's latest step in the journey toward reducing its environmental footprint. Heinz has a goal to make all packaging globally recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025. It also aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


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"Packaging waste is an industry wide challenge that we must all do our part to address," said Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio in a press release. "That is why we are committed to taking steps to explore sustainable packaging solutions across our brands at Kraft Heinz, offering consumers more choices. This new HEINZ bottle is one example of how we are applying creativity and innovation to explore new ways to provide consumers with the products they know and love while also thinking sustainably."

In 2021, Heinz had net sales of approximately $26 billion. Heinz and Pulpex hope that the initiative will help inspire people to choose products that are more eco-friendly and sustainable.

"We hope to bring this bottle to market and to be the first sauce brand to provide consumers this choice in their purchasing decisions, as many consumers today are looking for more sustainable packaging options," said Rashida La Lande, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer at Kraft Heinz. "We're eager to continue discovering more sustainable packaging for our beloved and iconic brands."

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