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This New Food Brand Is Making a Healthy Instant Ramen

The new dish is 100% plant-based, low in carbs, and packed with protein.

Ramen is one of those comfort foods that we love to turn to when we're short on time but want a light, warm dinner in a hurry. However, the sodium content in instant ramen is definitely cringe-worthy. Those instant noodles can have up to 1,750mg of sodium in one pack, which is nearly the entirety of the daily recommended sodium intake. It's for that reason that so many of us have decided to leave the instant ramen packets on the shelves at the grocery store and opt for something healthier.

Until now.

Immi is a brand-new startup that's shaking up the soup game with a healthy instant ramen. The high-protein, low-carb instant ramen comes in three flavor varieties, but if you can't decide, you can also get a sampler pack. Your options are Tom Yum "Shrimp," Black Garlic "Chicken," and Spicy "Beef," and yes, they're plant-based as well.

Each pack of Immi instant ramen has a total of 9g net carbs, 31g protein, and 850mg sodium. Compared to your standard packs of instant ramen, these come in at a much healthier level. (Speaking of upgrading your everyday shopping list, make sure to avoid buying these items on our list of the 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.)


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Immi founders Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan grew up in Taiwan and Thailand and wrote on the company's website that they wanted to create a healthier version of ramen because they not only love ramen but wanted to give their families a healthy alternative to a staple comfort food. The healthy instant ramen is primarily made with pumpkin seed protein, as well as a variety of other plant-based ingredients. Even better: This ramen is keto-friendly.

Right now, these instant ramen packs are only available to shop online, but perhaps as more people catch on to the possibility of enjoying lower-sodium ramen, the packs may end up in your favorite grocery store. Six-packs of the instant ramen start at $39.05 on Immi's website, and they even offer a subscribe-and-save option so you never run out.

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