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These 4 Beloved Foods Are Returning to Grocery Stores for the First Time in Years

2012 called—it wants its favorite grocery products back!

Grocery shopping today looks nothing like it used to before the pandemic, thanks to fewer items on the shelves thanks to shortages and shipping delays, as well as new items launching recently. But heading in there soon may feel like traveling back in time because several nostalgic foods are returning to your local grocery store after being gone for years and years.

It's almost as if the calendar is going to go back to 2012 in a few months, not forward to 2022. Here are four snacks, candies, and drinks we all have missed over the years but thankfully get to taste again soon.

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Oreo Cakesters

Oreo cakesters
Courtesy of Nabisco

Oreo has been busy dropping lots of different flavored cookies recently, but in early 2022 it is going back to its roots—chocolate cookies plus vanilla icing roots—just in a fluffier way. The soft-baked Oreo Cakesters entered the grocery store chat in 2007 but only lasted for about four years. Soon they will be available again, though, and this time it's to stay.

Lime Skittles

Skittles Lime
Courtesy of Mars Wrigley

For the last eight years, we've all been eating apple-flavored Skittles, but that is about to change. Mars Wrigley just announced that starting in October 2021 the original packs of Skittles will permanently contain the beloved green lime-flavored pieces that debuted in 1979 but were switched out almost 35 years later.

"It's no secret that Lime has been a hot topic for SKITTLES fans since we replaced them with Green Apple back in 2013," Fernando Rodrigues, the senior brand manager at Mars Wrigley, said in a press release. "Green Apple has had a good run, but the fans have spoken and it's time for Lime to return to the rainbow."

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Creme Savers

Creme Savers Iconic Candy
Courtesy of Iconic Candy

Grandmas around the country were absolutely delighted to hear that this purse-stuffing favorite is returning to grocery store shelves after a decade. The iconic hard candy is coming back exactly as it left—with the two most popular flavors (Strawberries & Creme and Orange & Creme) in its well-known packaging. Fans will be able to pick up a pack at any 1,400+ Big Lots stores in 47 states soon.

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Jones Soda Turkey & Gravy Soda

Jones Soda Turkey & Gravy Soda
Courtesy of Jones Soda

Jones Soda launched in 1995 with classic flavors like Orange, Cherry, Lemon Lime, and more, but soon was creating masterpieces in honor of actors, musicians, and holidays—including Turkey & Gravy soda which launched in 2003. The original batch sold out in two hours, and now it is returning to grocery stores for the first time in over 10 years.

If you want to sip Thanksgiving dinner rather than chew it, you need to hurry. Only 35,000 bottles will be available at 1,500 Kroger stores across the country as well as in Safeway stores in Oregon and several supermarkets in Canada.

"Our Turkey & Gravy Soda instantly differentiated the company when we introduced it nearly two decades ago, establishing the iconoclastic brand personality that remains our calling card today," Mark Murray, the president and CEO of Jones Soda, said in a press release. "It's an ideal Special Release SKU because it's a novelty seasonal flavor that raises brand visibility among longtime Jones fans and new customers alike."

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