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Jessica Simpson Says This Is Why She Threw Out Her Scale

After losing 100 pounds, the star is done weighing herself for good.

Jessica Simpson's body has been the topic of media speculation—and criticism—for years. The star, who has shed 100 pounds over the past few years following the birth of her daughter Birdie, now 2, says she's trying not to let the scrutiny get to her anymore—and she's even thrown out her scale for good measure.

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She says she's no longer letting her weight define her.

jessica simpson in pink suit and black top
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In an interview with Hoda Kotb on Today, Simpson opened up about how freeing it's been to ditch the scale.

"I have no idea how much I weigh," Simpson explained. "I just want to feel good and be able to zip my pants up. If I don't, I have another size. I have every size."

While she's been the subject of countless body-shaming headlines in the past, Simpson says she's doing her best to brush off the criticism. "I've really tried my hardest to not let that define me," she said.

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She made walking a priority.

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In a 2020 interview with E!, Simpson's personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, explained that Simpson's 100-pound weight loss was achieved through sustainable methods, not intense workouts or a restrictive diet.

Pasternak revealed that, following the birth of Birdie, Simpson started walking 6,000 steps a day, eventually graduating to a 14,000-step daily exercise plan.

"It had to be more than just getting back from her baby weight, but how do I keep whatever I am doing now forever," Pasternak explained. That's why we are not a big fan of doing any extreme diet or radical forms of exercise."

She stuck to cheat meals, not cheat days.

jessica simpson in black outfit in front of barnes and noble step-and-repeat
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Rather than dedicating entire days to eating less than healthy fare, Pasternak and Simpson came up with a plan that allowed the star to indulge a little bit during the course of each week.

"You don't have to have all of your indulges in one day. It tends to be a little extreme if you do that," explained Pasternak.

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She got plenty of sleep.

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In addition to taking a break from her devices for at least one waking hour each day, Pasternak explained that ensuring Simpson got enough sleep was crucial to her success. "So many people undervalue the importance of sleep in weight loss and weight management," said the celebrity trainer.

"Every night before she goes to bed she sends an email showing that she hit all five tasks, so she'll go to bed feeling successful. She's hit her step goal, she's eaten well, she's balanced her responsibilities—so she can go to bed with a sense of fulfillment, and that's everything," Pasternak told People.

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