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Kristin Cavallari Reveals Toned Abs in New Selfie—Here's Her Workout Routine

The Uncommon James designer is hitting the gym hard and getting incredible results along the way.

Kristin Cavallari is making her health a top priority—and the results of her efforts are starting to show. In a new gym selfie, the Uncommon James designer reveals her toned abs, explaining to her followers that she makes sure to get in some exercise even on days she's not feeling it.

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She relies on weight-based workouts.

kristin cavallari wearing white crop top and black pants
Instagram / @kristincavallari

In her recent selfie, Kristin admitted she wasn't necessarily gung-ho about hitting the gym, but tackled her workout anyway. "I was really tired this morning…but it's Monday sooooo let's go," she captioned the pic.

In an interview with Well + Good, Kristin revealed that her typical exercise routine includes weight training circuits, and that she hits the gym almost every day. "I just lift weights, usually four to five times a week," she explained. "I've worked out with a trainer for so many years that I just kind of know what to do now. I guess you could call it circuit training."

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She doesn't do cardio.

kristin cavallari in black pants and white top
Mireya Acierto/WireImage

To help maintain her shape instead of losing weight, Kristin steers clear of cardio workouts.

"I don't do any cardio," she explained to Well + Good. "Cardio used to be all I did before I had kids, but once I had them my lifestyle changed—I'm a much healthier eater and I hardly drink alcohol, so I've found that it's about building and maintaining muscle rather than losing weight now."

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She doesn't eat anything white.

kristin cavallari outdoors in short black coat
Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images

The one thing you won't find in Kristin's pantry? Any white foods or spices.

"We don't do anything white, so we don't do white flour, white sugar, or white salt," she explained to Women's Health.

She sticks to a high-protein diet.

kristin cavallari in pink dress with silver top on red carpet
Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

To help fuel her workouts, Kristin sticks to a high-protein diet.

"We definitely are a meat family," Kristin told Women's Health. "I've never been vegan or vegetarian; I don't think I could be. We actually have a freezer full of meat with all kinds of wild game." That's certainly one way to get protein, but there are plenty of other ways as well.

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