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Julianne Hough Reveals Her Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to Stay Fit

"If you love your body and love what you're putting into your body, your body's going to know.”

Whether she's tearing up the dance floor or starring in a feature film, Julianne Hough's energy is palpable. However, it's more than just joie de vivre that keeps the star on top of her game during those long hours on set. In a new interview with Harper's Bazaar, Hough reveals what she eats on a daily basis, telling the publication, "I'm really just trying to focus on my health from the inside out."

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She starts her mornings with lemon water.

julianne hough in gray pants and black leather top
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To kick off her day, Hough downs a glass of lemon water.

"The first thing that I do when I open my eyes is drink the lemon water that I've prepped the night before. And that usually consists of lukewarm temperature water with half a lemon sitting overnight and getting all those juices flushed out in there," says Hough, explaining that this ritual helps her feel like she's "starting with a fresh palette for the day."

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She juices.

julianne hough wearing red lipstick and off-the-shoulder top
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While Hough doesn't eat a full breakfast, she says she typically prepares herself a healthy drink for some pre-workout energy.

"Usually, I find a way to do some sort of celery juice or something that gives me a little bit of sugar before I do a quick workout. Or I'll do amino acids or something like that to just give me that support, that energy that I'm looking for."

She warms up with coffee or tea.

julianne hough wearing pink eyeliner
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Hough admits that she's "technically not supposed to have coffee," but allows herself to indulge on occasion.

"I drink coffee, not because I feel like I need it, but because I love the ritual of having something warm, that smell, and I just love the taste of coffee… it is like a special treat for me if I do have coffee." When she's abstaining, she says she typically drinks matcha tea, a matcha latte, or herbal tea.

She eats soup and salad for lunch.

julianne hough in sparkly red dress
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"I love soup, so I will usually make a lot and freeze it so that I can have it throughout the week," says Hough.

She typically pairs her soup with a salad combining asparagus, broccolini, beets, watermelon radishes, ginger, and spinach topped with apple cider vinegar and paired with gluten-free crackers.

She eats a plant-based dinner.

julianne hough smiling in black shirt and jeans
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For dinner, Hough sticks to vegan fare, including moong dal with gluten-free crackers and toasted black sesame seeds, which she pairs with veggie sides.

"We've got sweet potato, asparagus, some ginger, collard greens, Swiss chard, spinach…This is really nourishing, really yummy, I feel really full by the end of it," she says.

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She ends the day with wine.

juliane hough smiling outdoors in red dress
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While Hough admits that her gluten-free, vegan meals make her sound "so L.A.," she doesn't deprive herself of treats entirely.

"One of the things I do love is making sure I'm still having pleasure with my food throughout the day. And that's when I either choose to have a glass of wine or a cocktail, depending on the occasion," she says. "That's what I like to do to cap off my really nourishing day."

She says moderation is key.

julianne hough in sheer black top
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Hough says that avoiding feelings of deprivation is essential to staying healthy in the long run.

"Enjoy yourself. Everything in moderation," she says. "And if you love your body and love what you're putting into your body, your body's going to know."

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