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Kate Hudson Reveals Her Exact Outdoor Workout to Stay Fit

Following her impressive weight loss, the star is toning up with a series of intense workouts.

Kate Hudson has lost an impressive 25 pounds amid the pandemic by sticking to the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) plan. Now that she's shed the weight she wanted to lose, the actor is focused on toning up, sharing her often grueling workouts with fans on Instagram. The star's latest obsession? A water weight-based workout that tones her core, arms, and hips.

In a new video posted to her Instagram account, Hudson can be seen swinging a 20-pound water weight from Hydro Core around her head and waist.


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"This gives 'staying centered' a whole new meaning for me ? First time taking this for a ride, definitely not the last ?," Hudson captioned the video.

"I believe it's crucial to incorporate rotational exercises to all athletic training programs. In other words, work in the transverse plane is a must," said Hudson's trainer, Brian Nguyen, of her new workout.

"First and foremost, it totally improves the neuromuscular connection between the core and the rest of the body. I mean, check out Kate's movement in this tornado drill while she digs for speed: her core is fighting for more integrity (stability) while her mobile joints (hips and shoulders) seem to unlock more with every turn!" he added. "Moreover, working with rotational movement not only prepares us for the forces of real life but also increases our capacity for greater power and more explosiveness throughout one's range of motion: true athleticism, that is."

Kate Hudson Reveals Her Intense Ab Workout for a Flat Stomach

Hudson hasn't been shy about sharing her workout progress over the past year, posting photos of everything from yoga to weight training sessions to her Instagram.


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"I grew up witnessing my parents take care of their bodies. People always ask me how I get motivated to stay in shape. The answer is, it's what I know. It's how I was raised. It's engrained in my brain that honoring and working our body is a gift and so I don't take it for granted. I loooove moving. I love when it's challenging. I love being in charge of my results. And I looooove seeing my daughter have fun doing it with me. They watch everything we do! Gotta make some good moves for kids," Hudson said of her workout motivation.

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