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Kate Hudson Reveals Her Intense Ab Workout for a Flat Stomach

The actor's exercise routine is yielding some seriously impressive results.

Kate Hudson has shed a remarkable amount of weight over the past year, transforming her body along the way. Now, the star is tackling a toning workout routine to shape up, and it's clear that she's not cutting any corners when it comes to getting fit.

In a new video posted to her Instagram, Hudson reveals the exact ab and shoulder workout she's been tackling to flatten her midsection, and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. In the clip, Hudson props herself up on her elbows with her legs suspended from the ceiling with a set of straps. Starting in a plank position, Hudson slowly raises her backside upward, bringing her body into an inverted V shape. She holds the pose, then returns to the plank position.


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"She's starting to wake up! Carried 3 babies who did a number on these hips and shoulders! Ladies! We carry our beautiful children ALL DAY LONG (literally AND figuratively) and forget to balance it out. Time to balance that SH#! OUT! ?‍♀‍?️‍♀‍?‍♀‍ #putmeincoachiwannaplay," Hudson captioned the video.

Hudson also shared a video of herself performing floor exercises, doing a series of squats and kicks while propping herself up on one hand and the opposite foot, performing a set of fast kicks followed by slow ones. Hudson's tough workouts aren't the only thing keeping the star in such enviable shape, however. Read on to discover the actor's top tricks for losing weight and getting fit. And for more insight into how your favorite stars stay in such great shape, Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Challenging Butt-Toning Workout.

She follows WW.

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Hudson credits WW (formerly Weight Watchers) with giving her the tools necessary to lose the weight she gained while pregnant with her third child, Rani.

"I make beautiful meals that have no points, then I can indulge," she explained in a March 2021 interview with Women's Health. "I'll do a whole day eating amazing Zero Point foods [like chicken and leafy greens], then I have wine and ice cream."

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She sticks to high-protein, grain-free snacks.

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In order to fend off hunger pangs between meals, Hudson makes sure she's getting ample protein in her snacks. The star revealed on Instagram that she typically snacks on SafeCatch salmon, Siete grain-free chips, and Simple Mills almond flour crackers to keep her feeling satisfied throughout the day.

She does intermittent fasting.

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To help keep her daily calories in check, Hudson has made intermittent fasting part of her regular routine. In her Women's Health interview, Hudson revealed that she typically starts eating at 11 or 11:30 a.m., prior to which she sticks to liquids like tea, coffee, and celery juice.

She makes exercise a daily priority.

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With a busy schedule, Hudson often has to squeeze in workouts whenever she can, meaning that she frequently makes it a bonding activity with her family members.

"It's about doing the things you love, eating the things you want to, exercising and not feeling like you need to [push yourself] for two hours in a hot room. You can just take a nice walk and still be healthy," she told Women's Health.

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