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Khloe Kardashian's Kitchen Pantry Is a Work of Art

See how everything has its place in the KUWTK star's pantry. 

Move over Bobby Flay, because Khloe Kardashian just took fans inside her uber-organized walk-in pantry!

Anyone who has been Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows that Khloe's home is the epitome of organization. Down to her jars filled with spiraling stacks of Oreo cookies, there is not a thing out of place. She's even given herself the nickname "Khlo-C-D."

Khloe recently gave her sister Kourtney's lifestyle site, Poosh, an exclusive shelf-by-shelf look into her "wildly curated pantry room." This "closet" features floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving and custom lighting to showcase the goodies. Everything is "organized, labeled, and showcased by category."

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The 37-year-old's pantry is truly a work of art, with the bottom two shelves lined with wooden and woven baskets. "She keeps boxed and canned goods" from noodles to cookies and crackers, plus any bagged snacks like chips and pretzels, in the baskets with all labels facing out. And Khloe doesn't have just one of anything, each basket is stocked with multiples of the same brand and flavor of her favorite items. Plus, there is a whole section for her "backstock" goods.

There is a shelf dedicated to "condiment, sauce, and salad dressing," each displayed on a Lazy Susan. These "convenient spinning trays" are lined with multiple jars of pickles, tubs of peanut butter, hot sauce, oils and salad dressings.

Next, she shows off her "glass jar collection, where she shelves her iconic cookie jars." Not just for Oreos, by the way! She has a jar for Fig Newtons, Chips Ahoy! (chunky, original, and chewy) and even Circus Animal Cookies.

Dozens of perfectly labeled glass jars in all shapes and sizes filled with "noodles, dried fruit, grains, and nuts," line the shelf next to the cookies. And it's all in "the details" because every jar is labeled "in the same printed white font."

The top shelf is a hostess's dream! This is where the Good American founder stores her "beautiful" cheese boards, cake stands, and serving platters. Swoon.

Towards the back of the pantry, there's a whole other section for baking essentials complete with rows and rows of sprinkles and chocolate chips. Of course, those are all in coordinating glass jars and perfectly labeled. Khloe stores her flours, sugars, and various other baking goods in glass dispensers that "are actually meant for cereal."

The photos also show plenty of cabinet and drawer space for out-of-sight items. We can only imagine what she stores in there!

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