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Kraft Is Discontinuing This Condiment

Say goodbye to this sandwich ingredient.

Recently, the maker of the quintessential boxed mac & cheese publicly accepted defeat with its fat-free mayo. Yes, in a dramatic breakup text over Twitter, Kraft said goodbye to its fat-free mayonnaise.

Kraft, the parent company of many beloved food brands including Heinz Ketchup, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Lunchables—seemingly has a high bar for the types of products it will keep in production. And its fat-free mayo hasn't been cutting it.

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On Monday, Kraft announced on Twitter that it would be discontinuing the fat-free condiment via a "breakup" text.

The caption says, "feels good to get this off my chest" followed by a text that begins with, "ok mayo culpa incoming." Later in the text, Kraft Mayo says "i'm officially done selling fat-free mayo." In an email with The Takeout, Kraft revealed that it would not be issuing an official press release to announce the demise of its fat-free mayo—the Tweet is it.

The decision to remove the fat-free version wasn't—from our knowledge—out of rampant consumer complaints, or worse, due to a disastrous recall. Kraft disclosed to the outlet that the reasoning behind pulling the product from grocery store shelves is just that it pales in comparison to its full-fat counterpart, with regards to flavor and texture.

"Kraft Mayo is the only mayo we need. It's delicious, it's velvety smooth. It's everything mayo should be and unfortunately fat free mayo wasn't. Our goal now is to get the best mayo, Kraft Mayo, into every mayo lover's hands," Kraft said to The Takeout.

Aside from its "Real Mayo," the brand also makes mayo with avocado oil and olive oil and even offers two flavors of aioli. Kraft is ready to say goodbye to the underwhelming condiment, and it's best you start doing the same.

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