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Lady Gaga's Mental Health Course Promotes "Being There For Each Other"

The star and her mom hope to "build a kinder and braver world."

There are so many bad vibes in the world today everyone is processing and dealing with. Between navigating an over two-year worldwide pandemic and the current devastating, horrific war in Ukraine, there has been much sadness. Even Lady Gaga herself said in an Instagram post back in February, "There are many reasons the world gives us all the time NOT to smile." So, when there is something so generous and kind to bring about cheer, it's worth spreading the word. Recently, Lady Gaga and her mom have initiated something so caring and sweet, it will actually, well, make you go gaga for Lady Gaga. Read on to learn more about Lady Gaga's mental health course, and next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Gaga is debuting a free mental health course called Be There Certificate

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The star is debuting an exciting new mental health course called Be There Certificate. This inspiring concept was formed through Gaga's nonprofit, Born This Way Foundation, together with, a Canadian mental health charity.

This free online tool provides a safe and convenient space for young people to lean on and support each other in a very private, secure way. The 35-year-old celeb told PEOPLE, "With the Be There Certificate you learn how to truly, kindly safely be there for someone while maintaining your own mental wellness."

The actress and singer took to Instagram to share the news with her fans

The star took to Instagram on March 9 to share a video about the Be There Certificate with her 51.6 million followers. In addition to English, the online course is available in French and Spanish. Gaga wears a steel blue suit in the video clip while she explains what the #BeThereCertificate is all about, and fans showered her with praise. One commented, "Prodigious," while another wrote, "Queen of The World." Frederic Aspiras, Academy Award Nominated Hairstylist and Wig Designer commented with heart emojis.

Gaga says in the clip, "I learned the five golden rules on how to safely be there for someone. Number one, say what you see. Number two, show you care. Number three, hear them out. Number four, know your role. Number five, connect to help, kindly and safely." The video has already raked in more than 1 million views.

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Gaga's reason for this initiative is truly so inspiring

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Gaga also revealed to PEOPLE her reason for this truly inspiring initiative. "I hear from young people around the world every day that need the validation, affirmation, and support the Be There Certificate offers. Sharing this resource with each of those young people and the world means everything to me and I share it as a way to remind myself and everyone else that we each have a role to play in being there for each other."

She continues to explain it can be difficult and intimidating to begin the mental health conversation with another individual and provide support. But the Be There Certificate will facilitate the process in a kindhearted, secure environment.

Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga's mother and the co-founder and president of the Born This Way Foundation explains, "We work to promote the mental health and wellness of young people by: making kindness cool; validating the emotions of young people; and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health. The Be There Certificate is an important and urgently needed mental health resource young people everywhere can utilize to safely support their peers to build a kinder and braver world."

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Gaga continues to make waves

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Lady Gaga never fails to inspire. In addition to this incredible love and support she's providing to the youth, the star has made major waves with her Born This Way Foundation. She recently starred in House of Gucci, and she's gearing up to launch The Chromatica Ball summer stadium tour on July 17, which will happen in 14 cities across the globe.

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