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Reese Witherspoon's Health Goals Are The Self-Care Inspo You Need

These habits are so easy to replicate in your own routine.

Kicking off a new year with a fresh set of goals for the mind and body—and holding yourself accountable for them—is always a positive step. The beginning of each and every year brings an endless amount of opportunity, and you're gearing up to embrace it all. It's time to reassess your life and hone in on the tweaks and improvements you'd like to make in the health and wellness department, big and small.

If you need a little push in the right direction, Reese Witherspoon's recent Instagram post hits four nails right on each of their heads. The actress and entrepreneur posted a video clip where she gets real with fans about the healthy "habits" she wants to work into her daily routine—and they're total quality goals everyone can easily replicate. Read on to learn more, and then, don't miss This Self-Care Practice Can Help Prevent Heart Disease in Women, New Study Says.

Begin each day with a cleansing glass (or bottle) of water

woman drinking water

Witherspoon captioned the beginning of her Instagram post with, "Let's talk about habits! Are there any that have improved your daily life? Here are some I'm working towards," and her first healthy habit is beginning each day with a glass of water.

We all know keeping hydrated throughout the day is so important, but it's great to be reminded of the many important benefits. Not only does water help with your entire digestive process, but did you know it also protects your tissues and organs, cushions your joints, eliminates bacteria in your bladder, and gives your cells the oxygen and important nutrients they need?

Many adults don't drink enough water. In an article by Harvard Health, Dr. Julian Seifter, a kidney specialist and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School notes, "Older people don't sense thirst as much as they did when they were younger. And that could be a problem if they're on a medication that may cause fluid loss, such as a diuretic."

So, along with Witherspoon, be sure to fill your 2022 with plenty of H20.

Soak up some sunshine for a bit each day, regardless of the season

happy woman sitting by beach in sunshine

Who doesn't feel more energized after basking in the sunshine and getting some fresh outdoor air? Witherspoon lists soaking up "10 minutes of outdoor light" as her second healthy habit. We all need vitamin D for healthy bones, and just five to 15 minutes of sun each day can give you the right amount of exposure for what your body needs to thrive. The sunshine can aid certain conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Taking a quick, 10-minute break in the sunshine can definitely lift your spirits, so plan a walk, run, bike ride, or a plain old break having some iced tea outside.

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Carve out 30 minutes to an hour of your time for a juicy read

reading book

Face it: If you don't make time to do this one, it's not going to happen dot com. So carve out some time and make a special effort for this one. It may be tricky, but it's a healthy habit you'll certainly thank yourself for if you make the effort to do it. Not only can you renew a favorite hobby and enjoy your favorite genre, but Witherspoon herself has an awesome book club, appropriately called Reese's Book Club, you'll likely be obsessed with (if you haven't already checked it out).

Reading will give you peace of mind and more content to converse about with your best pals. And hey—you may even be inspired to start a book club of your own! In fact, a study in Social Science & Medicine concluded that reading could actually extend your life, adding extra time to enjoy all the things you love to read… and more. (So we suggest after you read this article, read this: The Best Nighttime Habits You Can Do To Feel Younger, Expert Says.)

Head to bed no later than 10 (which means earlier if your mornings start before 6 AM)

woman sleeping with her dog

As her last point in her Instagram caption, Witherspoon states, "In bed by 10pm. *no late night TV binges. Try to get 8 hours of rest!" So clearly we're not the only ones who are guilty of overextending our days and not getting enough sleep. TV bingeing while tucked in is also on the list of bad habits to drop this year (considering the negative impact blue light has on getting a good night's sleep).

We've all had unrestful sleeps that totally wreaked havoc on the following day's performance. The National Sleep Organization does note adults should get at least seven hours of shuteye. Less than that can impede your energy, mood, and overall well being. Getting the right amount of good, restful sleep makes you feel overall better — mentally and physically.

We don't know about you, but we're going to join Witherspoon on all of these healthy habits to kick off 2022.

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