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Over 200 Illnesses Related To This Beloved Cereal Have Been Reported

No recall has been issued.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched an investigation into a famous cereal brand that's reportedly been making people sick.

The agency is looking into reports that over 200 people have fallen ill with gastrointestinal issues after eating Lucky Charms. In recent weeks, people who have gotten sick have written online reports about what's happened to them after eating the beloved cereal.

On the website, hundreds of people have shared that the cereal made them experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pains. General Mills, the brand behind Lucky Charms, said it's aware of the reports—but has not found any evidence of illness linked to Lucky Charms after an internal investigation.


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"Food safety is our top priority," General Mills spokesperson Andrea Williamson said in a statement to The New York Post on April 1. "We are aware of consumer claims submitted via the website and have conducted a thorough internal investigation. Based on our food safety programs and review of consumer feedback we've received directly, we do not believe these complaints are attributed to our product. We encourage consumers to please share their feedback directly with General Mills to ensure it is captured in our ongoing review."

On Saturday, the FDA told the Associated Press that it has received more than 100 complaints related to Lucky Charms this year.

"The FDA takes seriously any reports of possible adulteration of a food that may also cause illnesses or injury," the agency said in a statement.

The agency is following up on a series of "unconfirmed adverse event reports (231 complaints) that may be associated with dry cereal," the agency said.

"Although [the] FDA has not determined that this cereal is linked to these adverse event reports, [we are] conducting an investigation to determine the potential causality of these complaints," the FDA said in a statement.

Despite the growing number of illness reports from the product, neither the FDA or General Mills has ordered a recall of the cereal. Attempts to contact General Mills for further information weren't answered.

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