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Marie Osmond's Secret To Dropping 50 Pounds And Keeping It Off

The star has maintained her weight loss transformation for 15 years.

Marie Osmond is a true inspiration when it comes to weight loss. At 62 years old, the singer looks better than ever. In fact, Osmond lost 50 pounds 15 years ago and has kept the weight off. Pretty incredible, right? If you're curious about how she did it, we're going to share Marie Osmond's secret to dropping 50 pounds and how the star has kept the weight off for 15 years.

The CMA winner and "multiple gold and platinum-selling artist" has a busy life. In addition to many top Billboard chart albums and singles and three books—which were all New York Times Best Sellers—she dropped an album titled "Unexpected" back in December 2021. This extraordinary artist, who has previously been nominated for multiple GRAMMYs, proves that if she can keep the weight off with her no-time schedule, you can, too.

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The celeb shares her secret to successfully maintaining her new weight transformation

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In an interview with Closer, the celeb offers some great advice for losing weight and keeping it off. First and foremost, Osmond advises that you should never consider losing weight as "dieting," nor should you think of food as your "enemy."

Osmond lost weight using Nutrisystem and told Closer her secret to successfully maintaining her new weight transformation for such a long period of time since being off the program. "I lost my weight 15 years ago, and I don't let myself get more than five pounds overweight, usually around holidays or something like that," adding, "You know, I'll eat a little extra. One week it's off, and you know, you're back to your game, and you feel great about yourself."

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Osmond credits her original weight loss plan for teaching her that food shouldn't be considered an enemy

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The singer credits her original weight loss plan for teaching her that food is her friend, not her enemy. You don't have to deprive yourself of eating the things you love most. By making healthy selections, controlling your portions, and being mindful of how often you eat, you can consume food in a smart, healthy way rather than deprive yourself of eating.

Osmond revealed, "I actually fast once a month, I've done it for my entire life. But to do it all the time, it shuts your metabolism down. And so, you get to the point that you really can't eat a lot of food and that doesn't work for me. I need to eat. It's my energy, and also, I think it's your mental health." As far as eating is concerned, Osmond also shared with Closer, "You know, you've got to be able to go out to dinner and sit down with your friends." It's important to find options that work, so you don't have to miss out on plans.

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Healthy lifestyle improvements can positively contribute to the game plan

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According to a paper featured in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, the amount of weight you lose and how you maintain it shouldn't be the only methods of success. Even medical professionals agree it's important to make lifestyle improvements to your diet and exercise to better your overall health.

Osmond's success is proof that these factors can greatly contribute to successful weight loss. She tells Closer to focus on the big picture. "More than anything, don't think of it as a weight loss journey or a diet or anything. Just think of it as being healthy. Because that's really what it is for me."

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