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McDonald's Is Giving Out Several Menu Items for Free Starting Today

Take advantage of these deals while they last!

While college basketball players are dunking on each other for the rest of the month in the March Madness tournament, McDonald's wants to make sure you're dunking, too. Except instead of dunking baskets, you're going to be dunking their food into a plethora of sauces.

The biggest fast-food chain is offering a flurry of freebies and steep discounts in honor of March Madness. Most of these deals include sauces so you can "dunk" along with the players, and they all need to be ordered through the McDelivery app (or DoorDash in some cases). Of course, you don't need to be a basketball fan to snag these freebies.

Here are all of the deals you can get at Mickey D's in the coming days.

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30-Cent Baked Apple Pie + McFlurry

Mcdonalds apple pie

Today only, you can indulge in a 30-cent Baked Apple Pie and McFlurry when you order through the McDelivery app. McDonald's wants you to dip your Apple Pie into your McFlurry, but that's a pretty bold move if you ask us.

Free Sausage McMuffin With Egg + Syrup

Mcdonalds sausage mcmuffin
AngieYeoh / Shutterstock

If you're up early on the weekend from March 24 to 27, log on to McDelivery or DoorDash and order $20-worth of breakfast. If you use the code "MCMUFFIN," you'll snag a free Sausage McMuffin with egg + syrup.

Free Crispy Chicken Sandwich + Sweet 'N Sour Sauce

Mcdonalds crispy chicken sandwich

If you're not a morning person (or just not an egg person), you can still get a free sandwich between March 24 and 27 with a similar daytime deal from Mickey D's. Just order $20-worth of food through McDelivery or DoorDash, use the code "BASKETBALL," and they'll toss in a free Crispy Chicken Sandwich + Sweet 'N Sour Sauce with your order.

80-Cent McChicken + Spicy Buffalo Sauce

Mcdonalds mcchicken

On Sunday, March 27, Mickey D's is offering McChicken sandwiches for $0.80 all day through their app. It might not be as good as Chick-Fil-A's similar sandwich, but who can say no to that price?

40-Cent Four-Piece McNuggets + Honey

mcdonalds chicken nuggets
Deman / Shutterstock

McNuggets and honey sauce seems like the most dunkable deal so far—and did you know that they come in four distinct shapes? Order through the McDonald's app on April 2 to unlock this deal.

$2 Big Mac + Creamy Ranch Sauce

Mcdonalds big mac

Have you ever dipped your Big Mac in ranch? While some fans miss the chain's discontinued Habañero Ranch (and even started a petition to bring it back), Mickey D's wants you to fall in love with their regular ranch sauce again. Order through McDelivery for this $2 deal on April 4.

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