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McDonald's Offers This Secret Deal On Bagged Ice

Get summer party ready.

With summer barbecue season fast approaching, you may be wondering the best place to go to get a deal on bagged ice.

After all, who wants a warm drink? Ice is your best bet to keep drinks chilled in the heat, and luckily, there is a secret place with locations everywhere that sell bagged ice for under $1.50 per bag.

That place is your local McDonald's restaurant. According to Taste of Home, McDonald's offers cubed ice for between $0.99 and $1.50 per bag.

Some grocery and convenience stores may sell their ice at a lower price, but typically, bagged ice starts at around $2.50 each. Walmart usually sells 20-pound bags for around $4. It never hurts to shop around, especially in this economy!


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So how do you go about purchasing bagged iced at McDonald's? Call the location ahead of time to ensure they'll have enough ice for your party's needs. Then, simply pick it up and pay after placing your order at the register.

Many people don't know that you're able to grab a bag of ice to-go at your local McDonald's. The restaurant has plenty of secrets that employees have shared over the years.

For example, that joke about the ice cream and milkshake machines being constantly out of service isn't false after all. Previous Eat This, Not That! reporting shows that McDonald's employees confirmed that the frozen dessert machine is unreliable.

"The McFlurry/milkshake machine is prone to breaking all the time and the amount of time it takes to get it repaired can put it out of commission for a day or two," wrote one McDonald's employee. According to the insider, there are also separate, but visually similar, mixes for McFlurries and milkshakes, and when they get poured in the wrong place, the machine has a habit of shutting down.

Luckily, it's not often that the ice machine is broken—so you're free to go pick up ice for your parties anytime.

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Kristen Warfield
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