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Nicole Scherzinger Shares Her Exact Diet and Workouts in New Bikini Pics

The "Masked Singer" judge looks fit and happy in her strappy green bikini as she tackles an outdoor workout.

Nicole Scherzinger is no stranger to wearing revealing costumes on stage as a member of the Pussycat Dolls, and now, in her 40s, the multihyphenate star is feeling more confident than ever. In a new series of bikini photos posted to her Instagram, the star revealed her go-to workouts and some of her favorite meals from home.

Read on to discover exactly what Scherzinger eats and does to stay in shape, and for more on how your favorite celebrities stay fit, check out DWTS Star Witney Carson Reveals Her Exact 30-Day Weight Loss Plan.

She varies her workouts.

nicole scherzinger stretching in green bikini on beach

In an April 18 post to her Instagram, Scherzinger revealed that she'd recently returned to her home state of Hawaii.

"Happy Sunday everyone?? Feeling so grateful to be home. And with my 'ohana. Even got to sing for my tutu and family in papa's church this morning! ? ? Sending aloha and blessings to all of you ???," she captioned a series of photos in which she stretches and practices a few yoga poses in a strappy neon bikini.

Scherzinger documented a number of other workouts during her trip as well, including time spent hiking and swimming with her boyfriend.

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She makes room for indulgences.

nicole scherzinger holding plate of shrimp in green bikini

Scherzinger doesn't deprive herself of her favorite foods to stay in shape. In a photo posted to her Instagram, the Masked Singer judge revealed one of her favorite meals from home: shrimp and mashed potatoes.

"Shrimp truck at sunset! Life is onolicious??? ? #supportlocal #northshore," she captioned the pic.

Scherzinger has been open about leaving room for treats in her regular meal plan in the past as well. "When I'm going to indulge, I love pasta, pizza, I love Mexican with lots of cheese. I love French fries, or [chips]," she told Women's Health in 2019.

She doesn't eat late at night.

nicole scherzinger wearing black bikini on beach

When Scherzinger is trying to slim down, she doesn't implement a diet that leaves her feeling deprived. Instead, she simply sets strict time limits on her eating habits.

"When I'm really watching my weight, I refrain from eating late at night," she told People. For more insight into your favorite celebs' eating habits, check out Heidi Klum Just Revealed Her Exact Weekend Meals to Stay Fit.

She makes plant-based foods a priority.

nicole scherzinger in white dress on red carpet
Dominique Charriau/WireImage

While Scherzinger may make allowances for her favorite foods, on a day-to-day basis, she keeps her meal plan healthy and largely plant-based.

In a 2020 interview with People, the star revealed that she starts her day with cold-pressed green juice, granola, yogurt, brown rice, and a banana. For lunch, she eats a salad with romaine, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and a bit of turkey and cheese. At dinner, she enjoys gluten-free pasta with tomato sauce, and she snacks on fruit and chocolate truffles to satisfy her sweet tooth.

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