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Nina Dobrev Just Shared Her Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to Stay Fit

The actor's meal plan includes everything from leafy greens to candy.

Actor Nina Dobrev has always been enviably fit, and she works hard to stay that way. The Vampire Diaries star just revealed the exact meals she eats on a daily basis to stay in shape—and there's not a hint of deprivation in her diet.

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She starts her day with coffee.

nina dobrev in pink dress on red carpet
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While Dobrev says that her dog, Maverick, typically wakes her up, the actor admits that she needs a bit more than that to get going first thing.

"Mama needs some coffee. Some real strong, strong coffee," Dobrev revealed in a new interview with Harper's Bazaar. Dobrev says she typically has one or two coffees to kick off the morning. "I do a shot of espresso and then I do a regular coffee, and I mix them together. I use almond milk and then I do a packet or two of stevia."

She fuels up with a protein shake.

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To add plenty of nutrients to her diet first thing in the morning, Dobrev herself makes a protein shake.

Her go-to recipe? Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frozen bananas, avocado, almond butter, and leafy greens.

"I'll put spinach and arugula in there [and] collagen," she explains.

She eats gluten-free versions of her favorite breakfast foods.

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Dobrev says that, after many years of "not feeling well," she discovered she has sensitivities to both gluten and dairy. As such, she relies on gluten- and dairy-free versions of her favorite foods to fill up.

For breakfast, Dobrev says she typically eats eggs and gluten-free toast. "After the eggs and the toast, I'll also do some steamed spinach, or I'll like to do apple sausages…I'll dip them into maple syrup," she says. The star also admits to being a big fan of Simple Mills gluten-free pancake mix, which she combines with bananas, blueberries, and chocolate.

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She sticks to salad for lunch.

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For lunch, Dobrev says she typically orders from Fresh Corn Grill, a Los Angeles-based chain.

"I get the Fresh Corn Grilled Salad, but with no corn," she says. The dish combines zucchini, asparagus, scallions, tomatoes, avocado, mixed greens, and the restaurant's signature vinaigrette.

She snacks throughout the day.

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"There was a period of time where I was working with a trainer who told me you have to eat every two hours so your metabolism keeps working, so that's kind of how I live my life," says Dobrev. She says that her preferred snacks include almonds, Made Good gluten-free granola, and Smart Sweets gummy candy.

"They look like Swedish Fish and they kind of taste like Swedish Fish, but they're, to me, guilt-free because they don't have really high sugars in them," Dobrev explains.

She winds down with wine.

nina dobrev and julianne hough embracing
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While Dobrev admits to not indulging in too many desserts, she says that when she wants a treat, she typically drinks wine from Fresh Vine Wine, the company she started with her best friend, Julianne Hough.

"If anything, that's my guilty pleasure sweet craving at the end of the night," she says.

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