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The Best Exercise Apps To Stay in Shape After 60, Trainers Say

These personal trainer-recommended apps offer effective strength-building workouts.

Finding the time and motivation to exercise can be a challenge at any age, but for people over 60, hitting the gym may seem like a less appealing prospect than it had in the past. For many, achieving the workout results—such as increased muscle mass and decreased body fat—that once came easily now takes significantly longer due to the natural effects of aging, which can be discouraging. Plus, going to the gym may seem hard to fit into your schedule or even intimidating.

Luckily, you don't need a gym membership to stay in shape, build muscle, and reduce your risk of falls and other injuries—you can get the same fitness results in the comfort of your own home by using your phone.

The following smartphone apps have been recommended by top trainers as the best and most effective programs to help you build strength if you're age 60 or over. Keep reading to see all 4 options, and if you're looking to slim down too, check out these 15 Underrated Weight-Loss Tips Actually Work.


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If you're looking for a fitness experience that can be tailored to your specific goals and ability level, look no further than Fitbod.

"Fitbod allows users to either create their own custom workouts inside the app or to choose one of their curated programs that will help them reach their goals," explains ACE personal trainer Tami Smith, CPT, owner of Fit Healthy Momma, who praises the app's progress-tracking tools. "Fitbod is designed with progressive overload in mind, meaning they take users from where their current strengths and abilities are and work to get them stronger throughout their journey."

"As you get stronger, Fitbod adapts and pushes you to the next level, which is necessary for building strength safely and efficiently," Smith adds. "Plus, Fitbod is 100% adaptable for either a gym setting or a home setting, they will take into account what equipment you have access to and create a custom program based on that."

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Find yourself getting bored doing the same workout over and over? OpenFit's wide variety of exercise options can help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

"This app has an extensive library of workouts, and you are sure to find something for yourself, no matter what you like," explains personal trainer Christine VanDoren, FN, CPT at "There are guided programs if you prefer to follow along with someone, or you can pick a workout of any level to do on your own."

Plus, VanDoren adds: "If you need help with your nutrition, there are also resources for encouraging healthy eating on the app!"

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Home Workout – No Equipment

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One of the most intimidating aspects of embarking on a home workout plan is the thought of having to purchase hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars worth of fitness equipment. Luckily, with the Home Workout – No Equipment app, you can get the strength training workout you want without having to spend a fortune on equipment.

"Even though this app is guided toward a different demographic, it's perfect for individuals over 60," explains personal trainer Paul Marlow, founder of Never Alone. "With the focus of the app being for at-home workouts with no equipment needed, it gives the user all that is needed to get a 30-minute workout anytime—no need to leave the house."

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They say the best things in life are free—and sometimes, that even applies to workout apps!

"I have looked into several different exercise apps for my weight loss clients and am by far the most impressed with HASFit," says personal trainer Ellie Gordon, PhD, MPH, CPT. "Their strength workouts are not only free, but very adaptable for all fitness levels and they have workouts specifically designed for this age group. I also found their exercise programs very accessible (and enjoyable) for some of my clients in the more extreme BMI categories."

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