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Patrick Schwarzenegger Does This One Workout to Build Muscle

The 27-year-old star hits the gym every morning to start his day with a sweat session.

Moxie star Patrick Schwarzenegger may have one of the most famous last names in fitness, but when it comes to his own workout routine, the actor and model isn't all about hitting the heavy weights. In a new interview with GQ, Schwarzenegger revealed exactly how he's working to get fitter and healthier this year.

Schwarzenegger tells the magazine that he hits the gym five days a week at 5:30 a.m., sending a motivational quote and photo from the gym to 500 of his Instagram followers who are tackling the star's morning workout challenge with him.

While Schwarzenegger shies away from heavy weights following a shoulder injury a few years ago, his workout is largely weight-based, and he switches up his lifting routine every month "so it shocks the muscles."

"It's a lot of free weights, at certain angles to help take the pressure off my shoulder for increasing the weight load. We go for about an hour and fifteen. That includes a 10-15 minute warmup doing some body movements and band work and warming up my shoulder so I don't get hurt," Schwarzenegger explains.

Schwarzenegger notes that, in an attempt to gain 27 pounds this year, he's been keeping his cardio to a minimum. "I'll go on a bike ride, like, once a week," says the star.

Schwarzenegger has done more than just change his workout habits, however; read on to discover the exact meal plan that's helped him build muscle and stay lean. And for more on how your favorite celebs stay fit, Michael B. Jordan Reveals the Workout That Gave Him Superhero Abs.

He starts his day with protein.

roasted almonds

While Schwarzenegger doesn't typically eat a full breakfast until 10 a.m., he does fuel up with a snack before his workout. In addition to "a little bit of caffeine," Schwarzenegger says he starts his day with beet juice, as well as almonds or a protein bar.

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He drinks three smoothies a day.

Peanut butter banana smoothie

To keep his calorie intake up, Schwarzenegger sips two to three smoothies each day. After his morning workout, he has "a big smoothie at 7:30 with peanut butter and banana, sometimes oatmeal, chia seeds, flax seeds, bone broth protein, whey protein, and plant protein mixed," followed by two more throughout the day. And for more celebrity health news, Leonardo DiCaprio Wants You to Stop Eating This Beloved Food Right Now.

He snacks throughout the day.

low-fat yogurt

In addition to drinking smoothies throughout the day, Schwarzenegger snacks periodically to keep his metabolism fired up. A little more than two hours before dinner, Schwarzenegger says he typically eats some beef jerky or yogurt. Then, before he falls asleep at night, he has "a little protein shake."

He indulges on the weekends.

plate of chicken tenders and fries with ketchup

While Schwarzenegger may be disciplined about his diet during the week, it's more or less a free-for-all on weekends.

"Usually I do banana pancakes, ice cream pretty much every night, and just eat whatever I want," including burgers, fries, and chicken tenders, the star explains.

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