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Raven-Symoné Says This Exact Diet Helped Her Lose 30 Pounds

The star says her new meal plan is "how humans are supposed to eat."

Raven-Symoné has shed an incredible 30 pounds in just a few short months as part of her quest to achieve better health in 2021. The former View host is now revealing exactly how she shed the weight, and claims her new diet plan is "how humans are supposed to eat."

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She says her goal is all about health.

raven symone with gray hair on the red carpet
Andrew Toth / FilmMagic

While Raven-Symoné has shed a significant amount of weight, she tells HollywoodLife in an exclusive interview that she's not done yet.

"It's definitely an ongoing journey for me. I set out to lose weight so I could be more healthy," she explained.

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She is sticking to daily fasts.

raven symone on red carpet with platinum hair
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In her HollywoodLife interview, the multihyphenate star said that she plans to continue practicing intermittent fasting for the foreseeable future.

"I'm still not subscribing to the standard American diet, which has made a mockery of the human body and created the obese epidemic that is our world today…And I continue to fast because it's how humans are supposed to eat," she explained. While, in the past, Raven-Symoné has admitted to doing multi-day fasts, she says she's since stopped, sticking to a daily fasting period instead.

"As I continue to sustain those tactics, I know that my body's going to continuously change," she explained.

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She keeps her carbohydrates low.

raven symone with blonde hair and shaved sides
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In a June 11 interview with Good Morning America, Raven-Symoné admitted that adhering to a low-carb way of eating has been an essential part of her weight loss, as well.

"I am low-carb as much as I can be," she revealed. In a March Instagram post, she explained, "I don't eat any bread," noting that she was sticking to whole foods, including lean proteins and vegetables, instead.

She doesn't have a goal weight in mind.

raven symone smiling on red carpet
Jerritt Clark / WireImage

While the That's So Raven star may have dropped significant weight so far, she says there's no specific number she's aiming for.

"I didn't set out with a visual idea of what to look like," she told HollywoodLife.
"I don't feel that I'm ever going to say, 'This is how I'm supposed to look,' because when I get to a certain weight, I always find happiness within myself, whatever what size I am."

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