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Select Burger King Locations Will Soon Implement This Disappointing Menu Change

One of the chain's biggest operators is making a change to a popular chicken item.

More expensive Whoppers, fewer value deals, and new menu cuts are just some of the recent changes Burger King has implemented as part of its sales-boosting strategy. And now, you can add another menu tweak to that list, one that will likely further disappoint customers.

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Carrols Restaurant Group, a franchisee that operates some 7,000 Burger King restaurants across the country, said it's going to cut down the number of chicken nuggets that come in an order. Instead of the usual 10, customers will now get eight for the same price, according to CNN.

burger king chicken nuggets
Ann Marie Langrehr/Eat This, Not That!

The move comes as an alternative to raising chicken nugget prices due to inflation, although Carrols confirmed some menu items will get more expensive this year. And the company isn't the only one—Domino's recently announced it won't be raising its prices, but it will be removing the long-standing $7.99 carryout deal from in-store purchases, as well as reducing the number of chicken wings that come with it from 10 to eight.

In a recent earnings call, Burger King's parent company said it continues to move away from value offers and will instead focus on presenting its most popular sandwich, the Whopper, as a premium product.

For one, the Whopper will be removed from the Two for $5 value deal, and will instead become the focal point of the chain's refreshed menu. Burger King plans on marketing the Whopper better, adding new extensions and variations to it, and being more strategic about discounting it.

"While we always strive to provide excellent value for money on a full menu basis, going forward, we will be purposeful and targeted when we choose to promote this iconic asset," said Tom Curtis, President of Burger King for US and Canada.

Additionally, Burger King plans on simplifying its operations by cutting menu items like sundaes, whipped toppings, and chocolate milk, and streamlining the way some of its most popular sandwiches are prepared.

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