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A Leaked Memo From Taco Bell Just Revealed These Upcoming Menu Launches

Here's what to expect from the dynamic chain this fall.

Taco Bell's latest plans for its menu seem to have been leaked on social media. Thanks to a marketing bulletin that has recently surfaced on Reddit and seems to have been leaked by a company insider, we're now able to anticipate what awaits us on the dynamic Taco Bell menu this fall, or during Experience 6, which lasts from October 7 to November 11.

First and foremost, the chain will begin serving the Cantina Crispy Melt Taco at restaurants nationwide. The Crispy Melt, which got a test run last year in Detroit, is an upgraded version of Taco Bell's popular Crunchy Taco, subbing in a fried white corn shell and doubling down on cheese, with a base layer of nacho cheese sauce (mixed with a three-cheese blend), and a top layer of shredded cheddar.

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The extra-cheesy fried taco was a hit with customers during its 2020 debut, receiving plenty of positive reviews on Twitter.

In addition to the Cantina Crispy Melt, several other exciting items will be added to the national menu, including new Crispy Chicken Wings as well as a new Cherry Twilight freeze. The wings order will include five bone-in chicken wings, crisped to perfection and dusted with Mexican queso seasoning. The new freeze, meanwhile, upgrades the classic Blue Raspberry Freeze with a swirl of cherry syrup.

Fans will also get access to two new box deals: the $5 Cantina Crispy Melt Taco Box, a three-item meal box showcasing the new fried shell taco, and the Deluxe Cravings Box, a four-item deal that includes a burrito, a chalupa, a taco, and a side of chips.

Since the news of the upcoming releases broke on Reddit, several other Taco Bell employees have posted their own pictures of release schedules, digital menus, and employee training videos which all seem to confirm the legitimacy of the original post.

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