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Taco Bell's Major Hit Is Coming Back to the Menu Soon—Here's What We Know

But this year, the chain is breaking its usual pattern.

Taco Bell is famous for re-releasing fan-favorite menu items. Popular items are periodically culled from the menu, following a limited-time release—and then restored six to twelve months later, after demand has had a chance to reach a boiling point. A few weeks ago, the chain delighted fans with a new flavor of Doritos Locos Tacos. And now it looks like Nacho Fries are due back this March.

The news of the popular item's alleged return broke late Tuesday night on Reddit. In a since-deleted post, an anonymous user dropped in on the Taco Bell subforum to declare that "Nacho Fries are coming back." The claim has since been corroborated by (alleged) Taco Bell employees, who believe the return date for Nacho Fries will be March 10.

Nacho Fries are a big deal at Taco Bell. When they first debuted in 2018, more than 53 million orders of these spicy spuds were sold in their first four months—making Nacho Fries "the most successful launch in Taco Bell history," according to Business Insider. In the years since, Taco Bell has brought them back no fewer than six times, most recently in July of 2021.

nacho fries
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This item re-appears on the menu about twice per year, but it is worth noting that the chain is breaking its usual pattern with this year's re-release. In previous years, Nacho Fries have tended to return in January and July. With the return slated for March this year, who knows how the rest of Taco Bell's calendar will play out? Maybe they're making room for something even bigger this July—Mexican Pizza, perhaps?

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