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Taco Bell May Soon Have Some Good News For Mexican Pizza Fans

According to leaked information.

The popularity of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza lives on, long past the item's heart-breaking discontinuation in 2020. The love for the quesadilla-like item, especially popular among vegetarian customers, has prompted everything from petitions lobbying for its return, to sporadic rumors that it was, in fact, coming back soon.

One such rumor we recently wrote about was the now-debunked Halloween-inspired ad, supposedly promoting the item's return to the menu back in October. The fake image cropped up in the Taco Bell Reddit community and claimed the iconic pizza was to return as a limited-time offer on October 5, in two different versions: Original and Bacon Ranch. And while October 5 (and the rest of October, in fact) came and went without the reappearance of Mexican Pizza, there may be something this rumor got right: it's only a matter of time before the item comes back, and when it does, it is likely to be a limited-time offer.

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We'd hate to cry wolf on this topic, but there's once again word on the street that Taco Bell plans to bring the Pizza back. And this time, the speculations seem to be trickling down from the very top of the Mexican fast-food chain.

As The Takeout reported a few days ago, there's now allegedly a video recording of Taco Bell's vice president and COO Mike Grams confirming the return of Mexican Pizza. The video is said to be taken at a Taco Bell franchisee convention in September and subsequently leaked to Living Mas, a fan site for the chain that's been a source of credible information for years.

While the video hasn't been posted to Living Mas and we haven't seen it, the site published a transcript in which Grams tells Liz Matthews, the chain's chief innovation officer: "Okay Liz, we're bringing back the Mexican Pizza!"

To boot, Living Mas says another credible source (a verified employee) confirmed the news of the Pizza's return, saying it's expected to be back on menus in April or May of 2022.

While the timing isn't certain, it does seem that Mexican Pizza will make a comeback next year as a limited-time "experience" at Taco Bell. Also, crispy chicken without the sandwich? We're all ears!

We've reached out to Taco Bell and will update this article with any responses we receive.

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