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Here's Why Tracee Ellis Ross Looks Amazing at 49

"I like to moisturize so much I look like a dolphin."

A true queen of beauty and fashion, actress Tracee Ellis Ross never fails to stun fans with her flawless looks. And with the recent launch of her natural haircare brand Pattern Beauty, the star is making her cruelty-free products for natural hair accessible to all.

The 49-year-old, who describes herself as "pro-aging," looks absolutely amazing—which is no surprise, as her mother, Diana Ross, is as gorgeous as ever at 78. But apart from great genes, what are Tracee Ellis Ross's secrets for staying so youthful? In a recent interview with GLAMOUR, she shared some of her tips and tricks for looking and feeling her best. Read on to find out how she does it, and next, check out 4 Healthy Habits Lauren Conrad Swears By.

She finds things that make her happy.

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When it comes to youth, Ross swears by fun and happiness to keep that spirit alive. "Let me tell you what I think the fountain of youth is. I think it is joy. I think it is community. I think it is laughter…I think giggling is the smartest thing that you can do," she told GLAMOUR. She's definitely onto something, as we know that staying connected and optimistic can help promote brain health and wellness.

She moisturizes…a lot.

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Ross maintains a youthful complexion by following a skincare routine that's heavy on moisture. "Listen, I like to go to bed nice and greasy, you could fry an egg on my face. I like to moisturize so much I look like a dolphin," she told GLAMOUR. Other ways to slow down signs of aging skin include sticking to a vitamin-rich diet, drinking green tea, and protecting your skin from the sun.

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She uses an anti-aging body cream.

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Ross has a few go-to skincare products in her arsenal, but one of her favorites is the Dr. Barbara Sturm anti-aging body cream. "I'm actually pro-aging, but I'm happy to get anything that supports the loss of collagen that is happening in my body," she told GLAMOUR.

She drinks water.

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Ross told GLAMOUR that drinking water is one of the key ways she remains youthful. And once again, she's right—water can improve your sleep quality, deliver nutrients to cells, prevent infections, regulate body temperature, and so much more. The star even posted a video on Instagram drinking an entire bottle of water in the pool!


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