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This Is The Most Unique Costco Location in America

It also happens to be the largest!

Free samples, bulk items, and low prices all come to mind when thinking about Costco. Since its founding in 1983, the big-box chain has amassed over 114 million cardholders overall and over 500 warehouses across the country. While these locations continue to thrive, not all warehouses are made equal. In fact, one Utah location happens to be the most unique store in the U.S.

Known for its skiing destinations, mountains, and national parks, Utah is also home to the biggest Costco location in America, located in Salt Lake City, which is arguably the most unique location, too.

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Standing at a whopping 235,000 square feet, it towers over the average Costco warehouse (typically sized at 146,000 square feet). One reason for the store's massive size is that it's both a regular Costco warehouse and a Costco Business Center. Employees of this location have even been reported to walk up to 10 miles per day. (Speaking of employees, this store even made headlines for its employees performing lifesaving first aid.)

Inside this Salt Lake City warehouse includes unique offerings such as a giant dairy room, along with full-sized roasting pigs, lambs, and goats that are available for purchase. Keep in mind that although the chain itself is known for its vast assortment of alcohol and liquor, due to state laws, you won't be able to find those libations at the Salt Lake City location.

A former employee of the Salt Lake City store recalled in a comment on a MilesQuest article how shoppers would be taken aback by just how big the store actually is. The employee even noted that some people managed to get lost while roaming the aisles!

Salt Lake City Costco
Courtesy of MilesQuest

If you ever plan to visit this store, it's best to arrive early. One shopper wrote in a comment on a response to an Only In Your State story that although the store opens at 7 a.m. on weekdays, it's best to show up a few minutes before opening time to get the best shopping experience. "When you say arrive early, it means get there at 6:55 am on weekdays…Just don't stay past 8:30 or then you will know why it can be a pain to shop there," they wrote.

Salt Lake City Costco
Courtesy of Only In Your State

Who doesn't love Costco merch? Reddit user u/ThatGhostMiranda scored a tote bag at the Salt Lake City location. Those who decide to visit could have the chance to collect one for themselves (but you may have to sign up for Costco's auto-renewal program).

All of these exclusive features to the warehouse combined with all the regular offerings Costco has for members, truly make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

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