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These Are the Kitchen Items That Made Oprah's Favorite Things List This Year

Oprah-approved gifts for the food-lovers in your life.

It's the time of year again—not the holidays, silly. It's the time when Oprah releases her famous gift guide: Oprah's Favorite Things 2018! All year, Oprah and her team have been testing, judging, and vetting only the best products that deserve a spot on your holiday list. We've rounded up her top picks that will be perfect for your loved ones (or yourself) who are looking to add something to their cooking arsenal. These are the kitchen gadgets that landed on spot on the coveted list of Oprah's favorite things. And for more gift ideas, don't miss these 30 Culinary Stocking Stuffers Under $20.

Lasagna Trio Pan

Lasanga trio pan
Courtesy of Chicago Metallic

Ever host a holiday dinner party with all different types of eaters? Us too. Instead of wasting food with three full trays of meat, vegetable AND gluten-free lasagna, we love the idea of this three-way split pan that can give you exactly the serving size you need.

Buy it now, $18, Amazon 

Aarke Stainless Steel Carbonator

Aarke stainless steel carbonator
Courtesy of Aarke

Some people really don't like drinking water. If you fall into this category and live in a constant state of dehydration, you already know you need to try something else as a New Years resolution. To break the bad habit, treat yourself to your own Aarke Sparkling Water Maker. You won't regret the hefty bill either because you'll be way too busy actually feeling hydrated for once. Speaking of sparkling water, if you're not looking to invest in an at-home solution, considering picking up a pack of one of The Best Sparkling Waters That'll Help You Drink More H2O.

Buy it now, $199, Amazon 

Nespresso Lattissima Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

Nespresso lattisima milk frother

While getting your morning coffee, it's pretty tempting to not jazz up your order with a shot of pumpkin spice or lavender syrup each time. But, as it probably comes as no surprise those syrups have an insane amount of sugar in them. Instead, put on your list this year a Nespresso, and you'll be making perfect lattes and cappuccinos from home in a jiff. We're all goo goo eyes over the fact that it has a milk frother. In the long run, you'll be saving loads of dough too once you become your own barista.

Buy it now, $379, Amazon 

Hurom Platinum Slow Juicer

Hurom juicer

The best way to drink your fruits and veggies is almost always by making it from scratch so you have full control over the ingredients. This simple slow juicer is the easiest way to make a lifestyle change— even if you're not trying to go on a diet. Juices contain loads of antioxidants and micronutrients to nourish your system. With that all achievable from inside your very own kitchen, it'll be pretty tough to stop the good habit.

Buy it now, $559, Amazon 

Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

Philips indoor grill
Courtesy of Philips

When winter is in full force, an indoor grill that won't fill your home with smoke is a holiday dream come true. This Philips grill is perfect for roasting all of your favorite veggies to perfection—without having to drown them in butter or oil on a pan. Plus, if you're no grilling guru you may want to stick to this all year round. It comes with only two heating options and a built-in drip tray for easy clean-up.

Buy it now, $279, Amazon

BLACK+DECKER 5-Speed Hand Mixer

BLACK and DECKER 5 speed hand mixer
Courtesy of BLACK+DECKER

If you like to bake anything ever, you'll want to take Oprah's suggestion and snag this hand mixer before your next holiday cookie sesh. Expect no more arm cramps that you used to get from manually mixing that butter. Plus, with a gizmo that speeds up the baking process for you, those bakery goods on your walk home won't seem as tempting when you can make your own healthier cake right at home.

Buy it now, $28, Amazon 

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