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The #1 Outdoor Workout To Lose Belly Fat in a Week, Says Trainer

Get ready to maximize your calorie burn.
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It's summertime, which means many people are inspired to get active outside in order to lose belly fat and look great for the season and beyond. You may not want to hear this, but in order to shed excess fat, you'll have to work hard and nail the basics: eating a healthy diet, strength training, and getting in regular cardio. It's a simple no pain, no gain mindset, and when you do these things consistently, your belly will shrink and you'll be leaner. If you want quick results, it's important to get started quickly! We're here with the #1 outdoor workout for you to do that will help you lose belly fat in a week.

It's so much easier when the weather is nice outside to replace your indoor gym workout with a solid routine outdoors. After all, the sun is shining and everything is in full bloom. It's a great plan as long as you have the right activities on deck. There are many forms of exercise you can do outside to burn calories and lose fat, from beach running, to playing a sport, to hiking. However, if you're trying to maximize your calorie burn, there's one activity I recommend doing, which is outdoor cycling.

Below are the reasons to try an outdoor cycling workout if you want to lose belly fat in a week. Read on to learn more, and next up, don't miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

You can go for long distances, alternating paces

fit women doing outdoor cycling to lose belly fat in a week

When cycling outdoors, you can choose a route where you can either go for a long duration at a steady pace, or mix it up with some sprints in between. This will allow you to hit both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, increasing your calorie burn. Replace driving the car to get into town, or plan your next getaway to a destination that offers many biking trails. It will be a fun mini-vacation, and a gift of health and fitness to you as well.

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You can do hill climbs

cyclist climbing uphill workout to lose belly fat in a week

In addition to steady-state and interval work in your rides, you can also incorporate hill climbs. They're extremely challenging and will not only help you burn fat, but they will also build endurance and muscle in your legs with the amount of effort it takes to go up one.

Find a hill in your area, and do several sets of climbs. You'll feel it in your lungs and legs, and will help get your metabolism fired up to lose some fat. Keep it going, you will get there with much dedication and patience.

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It's great for stress relief

bikers high five at top of mountain, get toned without exercising

An often overlooked aspect of fat loss is managing stress. Yes, you do need to work hard and eat right in order to lose weight, but keeping stress to a minimum is also very important.

When you exercise outdoors, it increases your endorphins and elevates your mood. Being out in the fresh air can also lower your stress and cortisol levels, making it easier for you to lose fat and improve your overall health. You'll see other bikers, take in some fresh vitamin C, and although you'll be working hard, you'll have so much fun. Each time you plan an outdoor activity, you'll be so glad you did. When you start to lose belly fat, you'll be even happier.

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