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30 Paleo Questions—Answered in Five Words or Less!

With the average American woman today weighing as much as the average 1960's man, it's hard not to find a flaw in the modern food system. Our bodies are a far cry from the physique of our ancestors, who sorta looked like Olympic athletes.
30 Paleo Questions—Answered in Five Words or Less!

When did we stop letting Mother Nature nourish us? Our diets are nutrient void, fatty, sodium-rich, and chemically modified. We're sicker than ever—and yet, the solution might be a lot simpler than we make it. The Paleo diet (AKA the caveman diet) is based on foods presumed to be available to Paleolithic humans. We're talking humans who roamed the Earth roughly 2.6 million years ago. Not only did they eat from nature's bounty, but they hunted and gathered their food instead of reaching for whatever was as convenient as possible. They didn't just roll up to the McDonald's drive through to get dinner; they had to work for it. For these reasons, we've answered 30 Paleo questions that will bring you back to your roots and they're all answered in just five words or less. Love it? Then don't miss these 50 Questions About Carbs—Answered in 5 Words or Less!


Q: Is Paleo a fad diet?
A: Only the longest fad ever


Q: What is "Paleo"?
A: Consuming nature's bounty


Q: Why is it called the caveman's diet?
A: Roots from the earliest civilization


Q: Who created the Paleo diet?
A: Mother Nature!


Q: What can I eat?
A: Vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, fish


Q: Don't you need dairy?
A: Not according to our ancestors


Q: Won't my bone health be compromised without dairy?
A: Nope. Paleo promotes bone health.


Q: How does it promote bone health?
A: Balances acidic and alkaline foods


Q: Won't I lose the nutritional benefits of fiber, minerals, and B vitamins if I eliminate grains from my diet?
A: You'll actually get more.

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Q: Can I use the Paleo diet as a vegetarian?
A: It's not recommended.


Q: Isn't a lot of meat bad for your heart?
A: Depends on the meat source


Q: Will I lose fat?
A: Many do.


Q: What foods do I need to avoid?
A: Dairy, grains, processed foods, legumes


Q: What's another benefit of the Paleo diet?
A: It moderates insulin levels.


Q: Will it upset my stomach?
A: Paleo improves gastrointestinal tract disease.


Q: What about eating at restaurants?
A: Many restaurants are Paleo-friendly.

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Q: How will it affect my performance in the gym?
A: You'll have more efficient workouts.


Q: Can I gain weight?
A: It's not impossible.


Q: What about sleep?
A: It might improve.


Q: Is it hard?
A: It's an adjustment!


Q: Can I drink alcohol?
A: Sorry‚ it's not recommended.

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Q: Will I be hungry?
A: Actually, more like "quickly full"


Q: How will it make me fuller if it's low in carbs?
A: It's rich in lean protein.

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Q: But isn't it high in figure sabotaging-saturated fats?
A: More like waist-whittling ones!


Q: But I thought saturated fats were bad?
A: Well, the man-made ones…


Q: Will I have to give up peanut butter?
A: Yep. Try almond butter instead!


Q: How many meals should I be eating?
A: It's totally up to you.


Q: What about eggs?
A: Go for it!


Q: What are some great shopping rules to live by?
A: Grass-fed, local, antibiotic-free, hormone-free


Q: Is it expensive?
A: Cheaper than obesity-related diseases!


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