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13 Secret Pizza Ordering Hacks You Need to Know

If you're not getting extra sauce, you're missing out.

Is there anything better than bringing home a hot box of pizza? The food of sleepovers, game nights, and Netflix-watching sessions, pizza is one of the most classic American foods out there.

And while you probably have a go-to order at your local pizza shop or your favorite pizza chain, there are some things you might not know. Here are some of the best pizza ordering hacks out there, so you can improve your pie-eating experience the next time you have a pizza night.

Get extra sauce—for free

putting pizza sauce on pizza

You'll have to pay for the additional toppings you add to your pizza—except for extra sauce. You can add it to your pie through the Domino's app or website for no charge.

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Order a meal deal and freeze the second pie

pizza box

Pizza Hut and Domino's often have running specials where you'll save money if you buy multiple pizzas at once. But if you don't have a big household, you might not want to order that much food. It's worth it, though! Freeze the extra pie and save it for the next time a pizza craving hits.

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Order a large pizza instead of two small ones

dominos pizzas in boxes on table

If you aren't picky about toppings, ordering a large pizza is a better deal. As one endeavoring Twitter user pointed out, an 18" large pie has a greater surface area than two 12" small pies, so you'll be getting more food for less money.

Conversely, if the large is a 16" pie, you'll get more food with the two small pies. So that's something to keep in mind if the prices are comparable.

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Order extra seasoning

dominos pizza seasoning packets

According to one Twitter user, you can ask Little Caesars to use its crust seasoning on your entire pizza. The more flavor, the better, right?

Ask for red pepper and grated cheese

crushed red pepper flakes

If you're at Costco, these packets of dry pizza toppings will be free. At Domino's, a red pepper packet will cost you five cents. It's worth it to add that extra kick to your slice.

At Papa John's, meanwhile, these extra seasoning packets will each set you back 25 cents. But the chain also offers 25-cent packets of "special seasoning," which you could save to use later to make an easy Italian salad dressing.

And if you prefer homemade pizza, you can even order a box of individual "pizza packets." Never be without dry toppings again!

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Order your pizza well-done

stack of papa johns pizza boxes

On the Papa John's website, you can choose whether you want your pie to have a "normal bake" or be "well done." If you want an extra-crispy slice, well-done could be a great option.

Join rewards programs

dominos app on phone
rafapress / Shutterstock

There's no reason not to earn points for all of your pizza purchases. With Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards, you'll earn points toward a free pizza every six purchases—no matter how much (or how little) you buy on each visit.

Order extra pepperoncini peppers and more

pepperoncini peppers on black background
Anna Altenburger/Shutterstock

Papa John's has an edge over the competition for one reason: Every pizza comes with pepperoncini on the side. On the Papa John's website, you can add more of these peppers to your order for 50 cents each. But don't stop there! You can also add sides of jalapeño peppers and banana peppers for 50 cents each, as well as anchovies for a dollar each.

Kick things up with spicy garlic sauce

pepperoni pizza

Most pizza chains have garlic dipping cups. But did you know Papa John's offers spicy dipping cups, in addition to the regular garlic cups? If you're not ordering from Papa John's, you could always add a dash of hot sauce to the standard cups, too.

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Think beyond the pizza box

fried chicken wings on plate with white dipping sauce
Alexander Prokopenko/Shutterstock

Domino's, Papa John's, and Pizza Hut are known for their pies. But you should branch out and try some of their other menu items every once in a while. Domino's lava cakes are superb, and Papa John's Papadias melts are worth a try, too. You can even get wings at Pizza Hut and Domino's.

Order your pizza uncut

uncut pepperoni pizza

If you have a pizza cutter at home, you may want to try this endeavoring hack. Some fans swear by ordering pizza uncut so that the crust doesn't get soggy. It's worth a try!

Try a different sauce

pizza with red sauce

Sure, you could go with the classic marinara. But pizza chains have other sauce options you might not even know about. At Pizza Hut, you can get creamy garlic Parmesan, barbecue, or Buffalo sauce on your pizza. At Domino's, you can get honey BBQ sauce, garlic Parmesan sauce, Alfredo sauce, or even ranch. An entire ranch pizza? We'd try it!

Switch up the crust

Elastic pizza dough

While you're testing the waters with a new pizza sauce, why not try a new crust, too? Try the stuffed crust at Pizza Hut or the Brooklyn-style crust at Domino's. You might find your new favorite!

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