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28 Best Plus-Size Workout Clothes for Women

You may be sweating your tush off—literally—but that doesn't mean you can't look good doing it!

While working out is rarely thought of a glamorous occasion, we think it ought to be. And we know we're not alone in that field of thought because there are tons of cute workout clothes on the market to help make sculpting a healthier body a fashion-forward affair. Not only can donning a stylish workout outfit make you feel more confident as you squat, jog, and lift your way to a trimmer physique, it can help you stay motivated, too. There's isn't any science that points to why, but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who isn't anxious to hit the gym after they've picked up some new gym swag—both fitness fanatics and newbies alike.

To help you get excited about getting in shape and improving your health, we've rounded up some of the snazziest plus-sized workout clothes around the web. From splurges to steals and everything in between, we've tracked down the best of the best—and all you have to do is click "order" and wait for your new gear to arrive. Happy sweating, ladies! (Psst! To get even better results in 2017, make sure your nutrition is on point, too, with the help of these 47 Best Weight Loss Tips of the Year.)


Nike Sphere Element Top

nike sphere element top

This versatile top is perfect for cool weather outdoor jogs and also serves as a great layering piece for traveling to and from the gym. We especially love the cozy thumbholes.

Get it online here, $90

Calvin Klein Performance Mirror Tie-Dyed Top

calvin klein performance mirror tie-dyed top

Go ahead and wear this top to yoga or pilates, and let it double as a cute weekend tee.

Get it online here, $59

Lane Bryant Wicking Active Pullover Hoodie

lane bryant wicking active pullover hoodie

This sweat-wicking hoodie is a nice essential for your warm ups and cool downs. And thanks to its stylish design, it can take you from Bosu sit-ups to brunch with ease.

Get it online here, $55

Calvin Klein Performance Long-Sleeve Heathered Top

calvin klein performance long-sleeve heathered top

This "Flash Dance" style top is a staple every fitness lover should have on rotation. Hate breaking a sweat at the gym? Don't miss these 31 Sneaky Ways to Workout—Without Hitting the Gym.

Get it online here, $40

Danskin Now Women's Graphic V Neck Tee

<img class='img-responsive' src='//' alt='danskin now women's graphic v neck tee'>

Who wouldn't want a motivating phrase like the one printed on this top staring back at them in the mirror?! You'll be more likely to push through the pain when that lest rep seems near-impossible to bang out.

Get it online here, $5

Old Navy Go-Warm Sweater-Knit Fleece Hoodie

old navy go-warm sweater-knit fleece hoodie

Cozy and fuzzy to the max, this stylin' fleece hoodie is sure to come in handy everywhere from the warm up mat to family room recliner.

Get it online here, $46

Lane Bryant Wicking Active Tee

lane bryant wicking active tee

Everyone should have a collection of wicking tees. Unlike cotton which absorbs moisture, wicking technology is super quick-drying so you can stay comfortable and dry no matter where your workout takes you.

Get it online here, $35

C9 Champion 1/2 Zip Pullover

c9 champion 1/2 zip pullover

If you workout at dusk or early in the morning, you'll want something bright and warm to keep you safe and comfortable. This affordable pullover from Target checks both boxes—while remaining stylish and flattering. For more ways to get the most out of your workout, don't miss our report 30 Tips from Today's Hottest Workouts.

Get it online here, $32

Old Navy Go-Dry Semi-Fitted Tank

old navy go-dry semi-fitted tank

This semi-fitted scoop next tank is made with Old Navy's wicking technology to help keep you cool and dry. A selection of neon colors is on sale for a mere $10 bucks (the black one will cost you more than twice as much)! Stock up on this must-have fitness staple while it's on the cheap.

Get it online here, $10-24


Calvin Klein Performance Wind-Resistant Down Vest

calvin klein performance wind-resistant down vest

A good down vest is a must-have layer for brisk autumn and spring workouts. We love that this design is sporty enough to look like fitness gear, but stylish enough to be worn with jeans, too. Talk about getting more for your money!

Get it online here, $45

Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Jacket

columbia benton springs fleece jacket

Grab this mock turtleneck fleece for hiking the trails with your hubby or walking the dog around the neighborhood. Pair it with some leggings for a slimming, effortless look. And be sure to check out these 30 Tips When You're Walking for Weight Loss before you head out to get your steps in!

Get it online here, $40

Material Girl Active Active Jacket

material girl active active jacket

This zip-up jacket has trendy mesh cutouts and trendy thumbholes—a combination of design elements typically only found on gear that's three times the price.

Get it online here, $30

City Chic Mixed Media Performance Jacket

city chic mixed media performance jacket

With this super stylish black mesh zip up on your back, you'll be in the running for the most fashionable woman walking into spin class!

Get it online here, $129

Soybu Ada Reversible Cardigan Coat

soybu ada reversible cardigan coat

Throw this cardigan on over leggings and a top for yoga class or pair it with jeans and a tee for a casual day out on the town. Because we know you'll wind up using it in so many ways, we think it's totally worth the cash.

Get it online here, $84


Nike Dri-FIT Printed Cropped Leggings

nike dri-fit printed cropped leggings

This just-funky-enough pattern is for those of you who are sick of solids but not quite ready to step into the word of full on crazy patterns. Pair these fashionable crops with a black or white top for a pulled together look that's worthy of some Instagramming!

Get it online here, $65

Calvin Klein Performance Printed Compression Capri Leggings

calvin klein performance printed compression capri leggings

Aside from its eye-catching cute design, these compression leggings have a flattering high-rise cut. They also come with coin pocket at the waistband, which lets you stash your house key whenever you go for a power walk around the neighborhood.

Get it online here, $25

Material Girl Active Mesh-Trim Printed Leggings

material girl active mesh-trim printed leggings

Lazy days are no match for these leggings' funky, motivating design.

Get it online here, $17

Nike Power Epic Lux Printed Running Leggings

nike power epic lux printed running leggings

We love the pattern on these leggings as well, as the cool mesh cutouts. If these don't make you feel sexy and confident while you're huffing and puffing, we're not sure what will. Looking for a yummy way to refuel post-workout? Don't miss these 20 Post-Workout Recovery Recipes.

Get it online here, $120

Lane Bryant Signature Stretch Yoga Pant

lane bryant signature stretch yoga pant

This may be a "basic" yoga pant, but the patterned waistband helps to keep the design fun and flattering. The mix of cotton and spandex paired with a flared leg ensures a comfortable fit that can't be beat.

Get it online here, $45

FILA SPORT Laser Crop Running Leggings

fila sport laser crop running leggings

Basic black crops get a fashionable makeover with a hit of bright color. Pair these pants with a black tank and a bra that matches one of the colors on the pants for a cohesive-yet-totally-functional gym look. Confused about post-sweat nutrition? Be sure to stay away from these 20 Foods You Should Never Eat After a Workout.

Get it online here$29

C9 Champion Freedom Legging

c9 champion freedom legging

These colorful leggings are a gorgeous choice for biking, hiking, weight lifting, running, and everything in between! Plus, we bet your wallet will like the price.

Get it online here, $22

Lane Bryant Wicking Double Layer Active Short

lane bryant wicking double layer active short

Let your stems breathe in these comfy double-layer workout shorts. The inner fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying, which ensures you'll stay comfortable even during the longest of workouts.

Get it online here$45

Lane Bryant Wicking Colorblock Active Legging with Mesh

lane bryant wicking colorblock active legging with mesh

Step up your legging game with this color blocked creation by Lane Bryant. Not only does the elastic waistband lend a comfortable fit, it has a hidden pocket to fit your credit card or a key—two things you should always take for you when you head out.

Get it online here, $50

Material Girl Active Crisscross Capri Leggings

material girl active crisscross capri leggings

The cool cutout design at the hem of these leggings transforms a basic pair of black crops to one that turns heads.

Get it online here, $25


Panache Underwire Sports Bra

panache underwire sports bra

Admittedly, this bra is on the pricier side, but Panache specializes in lingerie and sports bras for larger cup sizes—so it's worth the extra green. They claim their bras reduce bounce by 83 percent in all directions and fans of the bra say the encapsulation design is super comfortable, flattering, and supportive. Designs come in sizes 28-40 D-GG.

Get it online here, $70

Addition Elle Nola Basic Mesh Spacer Bra

addition elle nola basic mesh spacer bra

Plus-sized brand Addition Elle applies the same fashion forward methods used to create their signature streetwear to their sports bra line—and we're loving the end results. This mesh-covered bra will keep you feeling supported, confident, and pulled-together. And speaking of boosting your ego, these 33 Tips for Total Confidence can help you feel more sure of yourself than ever before.

Get it online here, $62

C9 Champion Power Shape Front-Close Sports Bra

c9 champion power shape front-close sports bra

The front closure on this sports bra makes it easy to get on and off—a trait that few other bras at the gym can claim.

Get it online here, $20

Enell High Impact Sports Bra

enell high impact sports bra

It's not the most stylish of the bunch, but we urge you to give this 11 hook wonder a chance. It utilizes compression and encapsulation (meaning there are cups to support each breast separately) to keep the girls from moving around. Nab one of these babies if you're into high-impact exercises like running and burpees. You won't regret it.

Get it online here, $64


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