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Popeyes Just Expanded Its Chicken Wing Lineup With a Brand-New Flavor

It's the first new wing flavor to hit Popeyes' menu in 2024.
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Popeyes has been on a mission to become one of America's go-to wing spots ever since launching its new chicken wing lineup in November 2023. Now, the chain is upping the competition against its biggest chicken wing rivals yet again by expanding its selection with an exciting new flavor.

Popeyes just announced that new Honey Lemon Pepper chicken wings are coming to menus for a limited time. While the new flavor will be available in restaurants nationwide starting on April 1, customers can get an early taste when they order through the Popeyes app or website from March 19 to March 31.

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In a press release, Popeyes said the new wings have a punch of "zesty lemon" tang, some "peppery heat" provided by black pepper, and a touch of honey sweetness. The wings themselves are marinated, hand-battered, breaded, and fried until crisp.

The new Honey Lemon Pepper chicken wings—which pack a whopping 1,304.6 calories per six-piece order—will join the five other wing flavors that are already available at Popeyes restaurants nationwide: Honey BBQ (880 calories), Roasted Garlic Parmesan (1,040 calories), Signature Hot (1,190 calories), Ghost Pepper (680 calories), and Sweet 'N Spicy (910 calories). This is the first time that Popeyes has expanded its chicken wing menu since the launch in late 2023.

Popeyes' new Honey Lemon Pepper wings
Courtesy of Popeyes

"We're on a mission to continue transforming the wing game and elevate the wing flavors consumers know and love in a way only Popeyes can," Amy Alarcon, vice president of culinary innovation at Popeyes, said in a statement. "By introducing Honey Lemon Pepper Wings, we're doing more than expanding our menu; we're inviting our guests to rethink what they know about great wings. It's a bold move, sure. But, bold is what we do best."

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Popeyes customers can order the new Honey Lemon Pepper wings (or any other wing flavor) in a range of portion sizes, including six-piece orders, 12-piece orders, 24-piece orders, and 18-piece group packs. The chain has also created a new marketing campaign for the launch that encourages customers to "break up" with the chicken wings they typically order and give the new Honey Lemon Pepper wings a try instead. Popeyes plans to publish a self-help pamphlet in early April to help fans recover from the "breakup" as part of the playful campaign, according to the press release.

In other Popeyes news, the chain recently brought back several popular seafood items that are still on the menu this March, including the Flounder Fish Sandwich (681 calories) and Spicy Flounder Fish Sandwich (730 calories).  These seafood options are seasonal items that Popeyes typically only offers around Lent, when many consumers abstain from meat in observance of the religious period. So, fans of Popeyes' seafood options shouldn't wait too long to order them considering that they won't be around for good.

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