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Red Lobster's Bloody Mary Comes Crowned With a Lobster Claw and Cheddar Bay Biscuit

You've probably never seen a cocktail as loaded as this one.

Red Lobster is dressing its new bloody Mary cocktail to the nines in its most famous foods. The classic cocktail is served with a lobster claw and one of the restaurant's signature cheddar bay biscuits. Would you expect anything less from the country's most popular seafood restaurant chain? Now, we just need to settle one debate: is this an over-the-top cocktail or a drink-a-tizer (aka a drink appetizer)?

Starting today, Monday, Dec. 30, you can get your hands on this monstrous bloody Mary, and it'll be available for ordering until February 2, 2020. It's got all of the essentials—Tito's vodka, Red Lobster's own bloody Mary mix, jumbo shrimp, a green olive, a single lime wedge, a rim that's dusted with savory spicy chipotle BBQ seasoning, and probably the most intimidating ingredient of them all—a chilled lobster claw. But the real kicker? The drink is garnished with a warm Cheddar Bay Biscuit.

As the restaurant's Instagram post indicates, the cocktail's debut is timed perfectly with National Bloody Mary Day, which falls on Jan. 1. But because the cocktail is so over-the-top and special, the restaurant is calling it a "Drink-a-tizer."

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What better way to recover from New Year's Eve festivities than with a bloody Mary that's adorned with some of your favorite restaurant food? Plus, despite the fact that this cocktail has a generous portion of seafood in it, the price won't cause you to break the bank. It starts at just $10.99, but pricing varies by location.

So, who's ready to spice up 2020 with Red Lobster's Bloody Mary?

Cheyenne Buckingham
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