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Red Lobster Will Deliver a Plastic Claw to Your Super Bowl Party

It’s the only socially acceptable way to be snappy on Super Bowl Sunday.

Red Lobster is clawing its way to Super Bowl stardom with one of the most legendary Game Day promotions we've seen yet: the Snack Tackle Claw.

The plastic grabber, which you can snag for $10 this weekend, is designed to reach end zones everywhere—that is, within your home. The end zone of your coffee table, for example, always seems to be where the hardest-to-reach, tastiest-to-sample snacks reside.

The Snack Tackle Claw is a limited-edition add-on, and only fans who order delivery or To Go from Red Lobster this weekend will have the option to shell out an extra $10 for the accessory. Considering how clutch this claw could be among a hungry crowd, you may want to start strategizing your Red Lobster takeout order for Sunday, Feb. 2, right now.

When it comes to that game plan, there is no shortage of options. The 52-year-old chain, which brands itself for its ability to "Sea Food Differently," has a pretty expansive dine-out menu. The chain's family-style selections feed up to six people with salads, biscuits, and entrées all for under $75.

For a more traditional Super Bowl (i.e. less elegant) experience, there's the Create Your Own Appetizer tasting plate, which essentially gives you the opportunity to build a heaping plate of fried food for you and your pals to devour. Maybe you'll combine mozzarella sticks with clam strips and seafood-stuffed mushrooms. Or, if you really want to go all-in on the fried food theme, swap out the mushrooms for chicken tenders.

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When in doubt, though, go the party platter route. With 15 monstrous options ranging in affordability, Red Lobster's party platters are intended to fuel the stress-eating that inescapably transpires during the fourth quarter. Coconut shrimp, lobster tails, potstickers: the party platter menu is a glorious spread of fried finger foods. Not to mention, these foods also lend the perfect opportunity to test out that Snack Tackle Claw.

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In case the claw isn't enough incentive to deck out every table in your house with seafood this Sunday, Red Lobster is also offering 15 percent off all To Go and delivery orders placed on from Friday through Sunday. All you have to do is punch in the code LOBSTER14.

And, while you're on a roll with game-day discounts, consider scoring 40 free boneless wings from Applebees or a free pizza from DiGiorno's. These deals are a little less straightforward than the $10-plastic-claw situation, but on a day when brands compete as intensely as athletes, not everyone can win equally.

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