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I Tried Reebok's New FloatZig 1 Running Shoes: Here's My Honest Review

Check out what this marathon runner has to say about Reebok's new running shoes.
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When it comes to running shoes, there's always a new kid on the block. Colors, silhouettes, and technology options can be as overwhelming as they are exciting, but it will never stop me from shopping for a new pair of kicks.

I've been running since high school, raced on the track and cross-country teams throughout college, and am currently training for my sixth marathon. (Chicago 2024, here I come!) Suffice it to say, I've gone through my fair share of trainers and faced many challenging decisions at the shoe store. When the opportunity presented itself to test Reebok's new FloatZig 1 running shoes, I jumped on it.

I've tried most major shoe brands, suffered terrible blisters from too-narrow toe boxes, endured a stress fracture from one especially stiff pair of sneaks, and found I love the soft spring and structure of many styles. In fact, one shoe trend that's impossible for me to run from is the super-cushiony sneaker.

Most major shoe brands have at least one cloud-like option, and Reebok is no exception. The brand's recent launch, the FloatZig 1s, promises to be lightweight and bouncy while helping its wearers ace every type of run and distance.

If you're in the market for a new pair of running shoes, here's what you should know about Reebok's FloatZig 1s. Read on to learn all about my testing period and honest review of the sneakers. And when you're finished, don't miss I Tried 3 Pairs of Brooks Running Shoes & One Beats the Rest by a Mile.

How I put Reebok's FloatZig 1s to the test:

Reebok FloatZig 1s
Lizzy Briskin
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As a higher-volume marathon trainee, I favor a dense shoe. However, Reebok recommends the cushioned FloatZig 1s for all kinds of runs, so I put them to the test for just over two weeks.

My testing period consisted of several runs of 10 miles or more and moderate five-mile jogs. I also walked in them extensively throughout New York City and on dirt roads and trails on weekends. I sported the sneakers at the gym for several weight-training sessions to gauge their support and versatility as well.

Here's what I learned about my new kicks.

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The pros:

  • Comfy, flexible, and roomy
  • Super lightweight
  • Springy, fast-feeling foam
  • Versatile

These shoes take comfort to the next level; the 31mm stack height and lightweight foam in the FloatZig 1s are among the most notable features for me. I was immediately surprised by how light and airy the shoes felt—especially given their generous frame.

During many of my runs, the shoes made me feel energetic and bouncy, making each stride easy. I especially enjoyed the extra spring in my step when bounding uphill and performing faster intervals.

If aesthetics are important to you, know that the FloatZig 1s also look great on. They seamlessly took me from runs, to the gym, to the grocery store, and beyond.

Although the shoes are available in a range of attractive colors, I had white. As expected, they got a bit scuffed up and dirty due to inclement weather and trail conditions. Other than normal surface wear and tear, they held up well structurally. The laces, panels, and rubber soles were never compromised.

The cons:

  • May not hold up to long-term marathon training
  • Not as supportive as other options on the market

Although I enjoyed testing the FloatZig 1s, as an experienced marathon runner, I wouldn't use them for my long-distance training. I require more structure to hold my feet in place and ensure a stabilized stride. (I've most recently used the Saucony Guides, which check both boxes.)

I don't feel the FloatZig 1s provides the durability I require compared to denser shoes—ones that can successfully withstand the intensity of 40-plus-mile weeks over several months.

In addition, the FloatZig 1s did not provide me with enough support, however, this may not be the case for everyone. I have a history of foot injuries, and after a few runs, I added a pair of orthotics for arch support.

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The verdict on the Reebok FloatZig 1s running shoes:

FloatZig 1s

Overall, I'd rate Reebok's FloatZig 1s an eight out of 10. This is a great pair of sneakers for athletes who typically mix up their workouts and keep things comfortable. This shoe is light, springy, cushiony, and looks good enough to wear while running errands or at a trendy workout class.

I'll definitely continue wearing the FloatZig 1s as my everyday sneaker, as well as to aerobics-style gym classes like HIIT, boot camps, and dance cardio. However, I will opt for a more supportive, durable sneaker for my long-distance marathon training.

Lizzy Briskin
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