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11 Sam's Club Must-Have Items to Buy for Back to School

The warehouse club is helping shoppers stock up and save just in time for school.
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It's that time of year again: back-to-school season. As summer activities come to a close and schools prepare to open their doors again, students are gearing up for the upcoming year. But as we all know, checking items off the back-to-school shopping list is no cheap task.

According to Deloitte, the price of school supplies has increased by 23.7% in the past two years. The consulting firm projects that spending will decrease by 10% this year, dropping to an average of $597 per child from the $661 spent in 2022.

With parents being more mindful of their spending, shopping at a warehouse club like Sam's Club could be an appealing option when purchasing school essentials. The Walmart-owned retailer is currently offering deals across different categories, so we compiled some of the top finds. Here are 11 back-to-school items to check out at Sam's Club right now.

Bentgo Lunch Boxes

bentgo fresh and bentgo kids lunch boxes
Sam's Club

Long gone are the days of brown bag lunches. Enter the bento box—a Japanese-style, single-portion meal box, typically used for lunch. At Sam's Club, customers can score two of these takeout-style containers for $24.98 until Aug. 20. This offering includes one Bentgo Fresh and one Bentgo Kids lunch box, which both feature different-sized compartments for portioning various foods. The containers can also be used to reheat food in the microwave for up to three minutes.

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Arctic Zone Pro Expandable Lunch Pack

arctic zone pro expandable lunch pack
Sam's Club

If your child prefers a lunch bag over a box, Arctic Zone's Pro Expandable Lunch Pack can carry quite a bit and comes in an assortment of colors. Marked down to $14.98 until Aug. 20, this lunch pack is complete with one sandwich-sized container, one snack-sized container, one mesh bottle pocket, one 650-milliliter Tritan water bottle, and one high-performance ice pack. Thanks to the item's dual handles and shoulder strap, the lunch pack can also be carried in five different ways.

Bentgo 2-in-1 Backpack and Lunch Bag & Bentgo Kids Chill Lunch Box

bentgo 2-in-1 backpack and lunch bag with bentgo kids chill lunch box
Sam's Club

Instead of buying a backpack and lunch bag separately, Bentgo helps shoppers cross both items off their shopping list with a single purchase, while also throwing in a bento box. The lightweight, water-resistant backpack has two large zippered sections on the bottom, which act as a lunch bag. This fits the Bentgo Kids Chill Lunch Box, which includes a built-in ice pack and bento-style food compartment tray. The all-in-one item comes in three different designs and is currently $5 off, clocking in at $44.98 until Aug. 20.

Honest Kids Organic Fruit Juice Drink Box Variety Pack

Sam's Club

Lightweight and convenient, juice boxes are a lunchbox staple for a reason—and Sam's Club is helping you stock up on them. The wholesale club is now selling a 40-count variety pack of Honest Kids Organic Fruit Juice Drink Boxes for $12.98, which brings each juice box to 32 cents a pop. USDA-certified organic and non-GMO, the juices come in four flavors: Super Fruit Punch, Appley Ever After, Berry Good Lemonade, and Goodness Grapeness.

Frito-Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack

frito-lay classic mix variety pack
Sam's Club

Whether your kids are Fritos or Doritos fans, this 50-count Frito-Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack has something for everyone. Discounted to $16.48 until Aug. 20, this box includes 16 bags of Cheetos, 10 bags of Doritos, eight bags of Fritos, six bags of Lays' classic potato chips, six bags of Ruffles, and four bags of Lays' sour cream and onion potato chips.

Nabisco Sweet Treats Cookie Variety Pack

nabisco sweet treats cookie variety pack
Sam's Club

Finding a sweet treat in your lunchbox can turn a good day into a great day. For $14.78, this 60-count variety pack pleases both chocolate and vanilla fans by including two-count bags of Original Oreos, Golden Oreos, and Chips Ahoy! cookies.

Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey Granola Bars

nature valley oats 'n honey granola bars
Sam's Club

Granola bars make on-the-go snacking easy, which is helpful when balancing school, extracurriculars, and other after-school activities. One convenient snack option could be Nature Valley's Oats 'n Honey Granola Bars, which Sam's Club is selling in 49-count boxes for $15.94. Each bar is individually wrapped, keeping crumbs contained. Well, until you open the wrapper.

GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce

gogo squeez apple sauce
Sam's Club

If you're looking for another easy snack, GoGo SqueeZ packages its organic applesauce in portable pouches to provide "fruit on the go."  This 32-count variety pack is now being sold for $15.98 and comes in four flavors: Apple Apple, Apple Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, and Gimme Five!, which is made with apple, mango, strawberry, peach and banana.

Bic Ultimate Back-to-School Kit

bix back to school kit
Sam's Club

Why look through the entire school supplies aisle when you can have everything bundled together for you? This 42-piece back-to-school kit comes with pencils, pens, highlighters, dry-erase and permanent markers, an eraser, and Wite-Out. All of this is available for just $6.98 until Aug. 20.

Mead 5-Subject Notebooks

mead 5-subject notebooks
Sam's Club

What would a back-to-school shopping trip be without snagging some new notebooks? At Sam's Club, you can purchase four Mead 5-Subject Notebooks for $5.88, bringing each one to $1.47. Available in an assortment of colors, the notebooks feature 200 sheets of college-ruled paper and a tan back board for additional durability.

Avery Two-Pocket Folders

avery two-pocket folders
Sam's Club

Folders will always be essential. To help students organize the many, many papers they'll accumulate throughout the school year (and beyond), Sam's Club is offering a 25-count box of two-pocket folders for just $12.98. These folders are made of heavy paper with a matte finish and soft texture. They also come in a variety of colors and can hold up to 40 sheets of paper.

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