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Sam's Club's Food Court Has a Festive New Treat You Must Try

A perfect pick-me-up for your holiday shopping fatigue!

Shopping at Sam's Club can be fun, but with all of those long aisles filled with great finds—especially around the holidays—it can also be tiring. Thankfully, the retailer's food court has just introduced a new sweet treat perfect for curing your holiday shopping fatigue.

Sam's Club just announced a new addition to its food court ice cream offerings: the Mint Chocolate Brownie Sundae. This treat joins the popular 4-Berry Sundae and Brownie Sundae on the menu for a limited time.

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sam's club mint chocolate brownie sundae
Courtesy of Sam's Club

The new Mint Chocolate Brownie Sundae is "like your favorite Girl Scout Cookie—a classic combination of mint and chocolate." The limited-time item includes mint icing swirled throughout Sam's Club's vanilla frozen yogurt topped with a gourmet Member's Mark Brownie and chocolate cookie crumbles.

For only $1.58, the treat is available now through Christmas Eve, so you'll want to check your local club on your next shopping trip when you need a festive pick-me-up.

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Last week, Sam's Club teased the new sundae on Instagram, first showing a pixelated image of the treat hinting that it's "'mint' to be." The next day, it showed off the delectable-looking sundae, writing that guests should visit their local Sam's Club for availability.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say GIMME!" wrote one fan of the store.

"The Girl Scout in me says yes and amen to this," wrote another poster.

On social media, snackers were getting excited for this cool and chocolatey treat. Foodie account @snackolater posted a pic of the new sundae, saying "I need to find my way to Sam's this week to give this a try—for $1.58 there is no way you can leave disappointed."

Commenters on the post agreed, saying "Please…please tell me this isn't location restricted this looks too fire" and "This looks and sounds delicious I'm excited to try this!"

Sam's-centric account @samsclubmembers posted a video of a person holding and digging into the new sundae. And to be honest, it looks even more enticing in the video than it does in pictures.

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"Tag somebody who would love to try the NEW MINT BROWNIE SUNDAE from Sam's Club!" @samsclubmembers posted. "Its got vanilla frozen yogurt, tons of chocolate cookie crumbles, some green (mint flavored) icing and, of course, the delicious gourmet BROWNIES from the bakery."

They also noted what a great value the sundae is for the price.

"Can you believe the brownie sundaes at the Sam's Club cafe are only $1.58!? You cant even buy a brownie for that price…let alone a full on brownie sundae."

"I need!!" wrote one commenter.

Just be sure to grab it soon as it's only available through Dec. 24.

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