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Shake Shack Is Launching Two Spicy New Items

Just in time for Football Sundays.

Shake Shack is taking its gourmet fast food prowess to football Sundays. Ahead of the biggest games of the year, the chain is launching two new items that are the perfect alternative to chicken wings.

Building on its popular chicken sandwich and crinkle-cut fries, the new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries pack an additional kick with the beloved combo of buffalo and ranch flavors.

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shake shack buffalo chicken sandwich and buffalo cheese fries
Courtesy of Shake Shack

Just like the original, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich consists of a crispy, hand-breaded chicken breast cooked sous vide, which is then covered in Buffalo Sauce, topped with the chain's prioprietary ranch, and served over pickles and shredded lettuce on a toasted potato bun. The sandwich pricing starts at $7.79.

The Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries are topped with cheese sauce and dusted with Buffalo seasoning, and come with an extra serving of ranch on the side. Pricing starts at $4.79.

And while you may know and love these flavors already, Shake Shack has taken additional steps to add its signature gourmet twist to both sauces. The buffalo sauce has more pronounced vinegary notes and the addition of garlic, while the ranch packs in rich dairy notes with a cooling effect.

The new items will be launching nationwide on January 28, but customers can get early access via Shake Shack's app starting today. They'll be leaving the menu on April 25, according to the press release.

Shake Shack has more than 300 locations worldwide, including more than 220 restaurants in the United States. The chain recently opened its first drive-thru in Maple Grove, Minn., and plans to add nine more by the end of the year.

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