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Your New Favorite Protein Bar Is Actually A Pastry

This high-protein pastry will be your new breakfast go-to.

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A toaster pastry doesn't sound like the typical protein bar you're used to, does it? Pastries certainly don't have the best reputation in terms of being the "healthy" breakfast option. But now, there's The Smart Food Co. that makes Smart Tarts, that are trying to revolutionize what the typical breakfast pastry should look and taste like, and they're doing it with three delicious flavors: Strawberry Chia, Blueberry Acai, and Cinnamon Twist. Don't be fooled: Smart Tarts might be toaster pastries, but they can double as a protein bar to keep you full when you're on the go.

Why you should eat more protein

Did you know that protein is a pretty significant nutrient for weight loss? Because it takes more energy to actually burn the calories from protein, it will increase the metabolic rate. A high-protein diet will also curb your appetite and improve your satiety.

Choosing foods with higher levels of protein—like Smart Tarts, which have 8 grams per pastry—will help increase your daily protein intake to keep you feeling full. One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that satiety is increased with a higher-protein diet. Simply increasing your protein from 15 to 30 percent of your current daily intake could actually help with feeling fuller throughout the day, which can help you lose weight.

Even if you're not trying to lose weight, getting enough protein in your diet is important. Protein keeps you feeling full, so getting enough of it will keep you from feeling hungry between meals.

That's all to say that as the world's first commercialized protein toaster pastry, Smart Tarts have four times more protein than Pop-Tarts, making them a smarter breakfast and snack choice that'll actually keep you feeling full!

Why you need to be eating breakfast

Because protein is satiating, it's helpful to have it first-thing in the morning. Eating breakfast has been proven to help with appetite control, especially if it's high in protein, like Smart Tarts are.

While you could sit in the kitchen and whip up a plate of scrambled eggs (which are also high in protein), you may not always have the luxury of time to do so. Snagging a protein bar–or in this case, a delicious protein pastry—is a great alternative to a plate of eggs, especially if you're on the go to work or dropping kids off at school. An egg has 5 grams of protein, so having a Smart Tart with 8 grams of protein is a great alternative to staying energized in the morning for whatever life throws at you.

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Why protein-filled products like Smart Tarts are a good breakfast option

First, protein pastries like Smart Tart don't need any food preparation. You won't need to stay up late on a Sunday night getting meals together if you have a box of protein-packed pastries ready to go.

Second, portable protein foods will help you feel full. While a simple granola bar is as easy to grab, having protein in the morning will help your satiety levels and get you through the day (or at least feeling satisfied until lunch).

While some protein bar options may have higher amounts of protein than Smart Tarts, they can also be hiding an absurd amount of sugar in them, too. That's why Smart Tarts can go head-to-head with many nutritional and protein bars on the market. Smart Tart keeps the sugar low, with 50 percent less sugar than what's in Pop-Tarts. Sure, Smart Tarts aren't frosted like Pop-Tarts, but they are a brand-new company and have plenty of time to innovate—plus, it's worth it to leave off the extra sugar!

Taking away the frosting just gives you the chance to customize your own tart with healthy spreads like nut butter, and with flavors like Strawberry Chia, Blueberry Acai, and Cinnamon Twist, you won't even miss the added sugar from the typical breakfast pastries you've probably had in the past—especially when you know that Smart Tarts have zero high-fructose corn syrup and nothing artificial.

Lastly, unlike protein bars, Smart Tarts are pastries. They're the type of protein bar that you can enjoy with a cup of coffee. Plus, it'll actually keep you feeling full without the sugar crash that can often come from eating traditional sugar-filled pastries. Reach for a Smart Tart in the morning, and you'll get a low-sugar pastry with protein to keep you full, wholesome ingredients your body wants, and a delicious taste you'll want to eat for breakfast, all in one portable packet.


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