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A Fan-Favorite Sprite Soda Flavor Is Finally Back After Nearly 20 Years

If you've been missing Sprite Remix, it's time to celebrate.

Sprite fans who have been mourning the soda brand's Remix flavors are now in luck. The Sprite Remix Aruba Jam soda is finally making its return after being gone for almost 20 years.

However, before you head out to purchase this fruit-flavored soft drink, you'll want to note that it isn't available on grocery store shelves. Instead, it's only being offered at Wendy's restaurants with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.

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A few days ago, one Reddit user shared a photo of the drink machine's screen, which read, "Exclusively at Wendy's for a limited time." The soda's flavor is described as "the refreshing taste of Sprite bursting with berry flavor."

The Aruba Jam flavor arrived at the fast-food chain on May 1 and will be available through July 31, according to a Wendy's brand representative. As depicted in the photo on Reddit, this soda flavor is offered in both regular and zero-sugar varieties.

News of Aruba Jam's return first hit social a few days ago, thanks to an announcement from food blogger @markie_devo. The drink's comeback sparked excitement from fans in the announcement's comment section.

"Yes!!!! Let's go!!! I will go to wendys just for this!! But lets bring this back out in stores🙌🙌🙌," one Instagram user wrote.

"Awesome, I loved the Aruba Jam Sprite Remix. I'll be swinging by Wendy's to get this soon enough," another one added.

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Sprite Remix first hit store shelves in 2003 with the launch of Sprite Remix Tropical. Sprite later added BerryClear and then Aruba Jam but discontinued this soda line a couple of years later.

Aruba Jam isn't the only recent addition soda fans should keep on their radar. Last month, the Coca-Cola Company, which owns Sprite, unveiled its new, limited-edition Sprite Chill flavor. The soft drink features a cherry-lime flavor, plus a cooling sensation that is designed to build as you sip. This new soda comes in both regular and zero-sugar varieties and will be available in North America through July while supplies last.

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