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Taco Bell Pauses Sales Of New Taco Kit Hours After Launch Due to Overwhelming Demand

But customers have another chance to get their hands on a kit!

Taco Bell's brand-new taco kits are so popular that the chain stopped selling them on the same day they launched—temporarily, at least.

Taco Bell announced this week that it was debuting new "Taco Bell SOS Kits" for college students. The boxes became available for purchase on Amazon on Dec. 5, but Taco Bell ended up temporarily pausing sales on the same day due to their unexpected popularity.

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"Due to incredibly high demand, we are pausing sales of the Taco Bell at Home SOS Kit on Amazon for the remainder of Tues., Dec. 5," a representative said in a statement to FOX Business yesterday.

If you were hoping to snag a kit but didn't manage to get one before sales were halted, not all hope is lost. Taco Bell started selling them again on Amazon midday on Dec. 6.

"We know this time of year is busy for college students, so to give more fans a fair shot at getting their SOS kits, we plan to reopen the Amazon storefront at 12pm ET on Wed., Dec. 6," the representative added.

Taco Bell SOS Kit
Courtesy of Taco Bell at Home

Created in partnership with the Kraft Heinz Company, these popular new kits have almost everything Taco Bell fans need to recreate their favorite menu items at home. They include taco shells, seasoning packets, and four of the chain's popular sauces: Mild, Hot, Fire, and Diablo. Customers only need to add their favorite proteins and veggies before they can dig in. 

While anyone can order a kit, they're specifically designed as care packages for college students who find themselves craving Taco Bell while cramming for finals. As a bonus for students who wind up eating their Taco Bell creations in bed, the kits even come with an exclusive new spill- and stain-resistant bed sheet that they can drape over their dorm bedding to protect it from messes.

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"The Kraft Heinz Company and Taco Bell created the Taco Bell at Home line to bring the beloved and signature sauces, shells, seasonings and more from the most popular Taco Bell menu items straight to your home," Megan Lang, director of brand communications for Taco Bell at Home, said in a statement. "Our goal is to give fans the opportunity to satisfy their Taco Bell cravings anywhere, anytime, even if there is not a restaurant location nearby – including the students who suffer from the misfortune of a Taco Bell-less campus as they prepare for final exams."

Customers can purchase a kit for $7.99 on Amazon right now. But considering the soaring demand for the kits on Dec. 5, interested fans should make sure to place their orders ASAP.

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